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ukelele, utopia, tune,

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Q: What are words with long 'U' in it?
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Do lunch huey sub and huge have long or short u sounds?

The word "lunch" has a short u sound, like in the word "run." The words "huey" and "huge" have a long u sound, like in the word "tube."

Are menu and fuel have the long u sound?

No, the words "menu" and "fuel" do not have the long u sound. In both words, the u is pronounced as a short sound, like the "uh" sound.

What are some words with the long vowel U?

The long vowel U has the "oo" or "ew"sound in US English, generally "ew" in the UK. Words with a silent E (oo) : clue, due, sue Words with a silent E (ew) : cue, hue, juice Words with a consonant E (oo): rude, lute, truce, Words with aconsonant E (ew): cube, cute, huge, abuse, use (the function) Words with the long U (oo): tutor, hula, lunar Words with the long U (ew) : pupil, mucilage

What word has long u at the end of a syllable?

One example of a word with a long "u" sound at the end of a syllable is "value."

What nouns begin with the long u sound?

Long u-sound words: U-boat, uniform, unicorn, universe.The abstract ones: unilateralism, unification, unison.

Does the word soon have a long U sound?

Yes. Also the rhyming words moon, loon, and cocoon have long U (OO) sounds.

Does stew have a long U vowel sound?

Yes, the word "stew" contains the long U vowel sound.

Which one is the short U sound and which is the long U sound?

The short U sound is found in words like "bus" and "cup," where the vowel sound is quick and not drawn out. The long U sound is found in words like "blue" and "dune," where the vowel sound is pronounced for a longer duration.

Does hunt have a long u or short u?

It has the short U (uh) sound as in the words hug and stunt.

Does community have a long u sound?

Yes. The words commune and community have a long U or long OO sound that sounds like YOO. (kuh-myoon-ih-tee)

Are 'You' and 'true' short 'u' sound words?

no. they both make the long vowel sound if you can hold it then its long

Which of these words has the short U sound - manuscript umbrella absolute?

The word umbrella has the UH sound of a short U, while the other words have the OO sound, one of the versions of the long U.