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As an organism, you are made up of cells.


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Every living organism is made up of cells or atoms.

Organisms are made up of their cells.

An organism that is made of many cells are called a multicellular organism. They have many cells inside that creates a organism. Multicellular organisms are the opposite of unicellular organisms, which are made up of a single cell.

A Unicellular organism. As opposed to A Multicellular organism.

An organism that is only made up of one cell is a unicellular organism. Uni- meaning one. An organism with more than one cell is a multicellular organism, such as humans. An example of a unicellular organism is bacterium.

Organisms are made of organ systems.

An organism is a collection of organ systems. Organ systems are made up of organs, which are made of up different tissues, which are made up of different cells.

Nails are made up of keratin,which is a protien present in an organism.

An organism that is made of one cell is called a unicellular organism.

it depends on the organism that need to bi named.

A lichen is a composite organism made up of a fungus and an autotroph. Lichens are commonly used in making dyes and perfumes.

all organisms are made up of cells

No. Organisms are made up of molecules.

Humans are classified as multicellular organisms because we are made up of trillions of cells. A unicellular organism is an organism that is only made up of one cell.

Nothing, the "organs" of a many celled organism are themselves made up of cells.

a unicellular organism is an orgamism that is only mad up of 1 atom like bacteria, and an multicellular organism is and organism that is made up of many organism like the human body

No. A virus is not made up of cells.

No, they are made up of cells (multicellular).

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