What are your chances of bein pregnant if my period is 2 days late and im having cramps like im on my period but im not?

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I guess you could be. Take a test
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Im 2 and a half months late on your period what are the chances of you being pregnant?

Answer . \ndepends are you usually late on your periods or are they irregular? if you answered yes any of these questions than it may be normal to be late and theres a 50/

Your period is four days late im eating and peeing a lot and im having really light cramps Could you be pregnant?

It's possible; Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your

Im one day late for your period are you pregnant?

My period was 2 days late and when i got it it only lasted 2 days. id wait to see if you get your period and if you'd consider it a 'normal' period. if you miss your perio
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Im five days late on your period but im cramping and have sore breasts you took a pregnanacy test and it was negative could you be pregnant?

Yes, you can still be pregnant. I am a woman who suffers from low hcg levels in the first trimester of pregnancy. HCG is the hormone pregnancy tests detect. I took 6 homes tes
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My period is now 9 days late am really hormonal tired get dizzy when i stand up and im having bad cramps as if im about to come on my period could i be pregnant if im getting the period like cramps?

when you are late the chances of you being pregnant are huge. cramping and spotting are normal when you enter the first month of pregnancy. the only thing is that you monitor