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Theres always a chance of being pregnant if your not using protection.....

But the more important question is whether or not your in the ovulation period of your menstrual cycle. This is the highest point that you can get pregnant.

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How high are the chances of getting pregnant 5 days after your period with pre-ejaculate from a thirteen year old boy?

VERY.VERY.VERY. Low. Pre-cum barely has any semen, so it's VERY unlikely to get pregnant.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when being on BC for barely 2 months being on your period during the time of unprotected sex and the period stopped about 2 days after sex?

Most Birth Control pills are about 99% effective at stopping pregnancy, so the chances are very low.That being said, if you have sex there is always always always the chance that you may become pregnant. If you fear that you may be pregnant contact your doctor immediately. Taking birth control pills while pregnant can damage your embryo and cause devastating birth defects.Note: Always use protection while having sex, even with a devoted partner. It reduces the chance of disease, it's much cleaner, and most importantly reduces chances of unexpected pregnancy. Having a child while not ready can ruin many lives. Be careful, safe and smart.

Can a woman be pregnant but not look it?

Yes some women barely have a bump at all.

What is the chance of pregnancy from pre-ejaculate if your boyfriend just barely put the head of his penis in your vagina but removed it when he ejaculated?

a small percent can go You can get pregnant, you are playing with fire. The chances are quite low, but they are there. If you don't want to get pregnant don't get your genitals anywhere near each other or use a proper form of contraception.

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Can you be pregnant if the penis barely went in and he did not come and you are on birth control but missed the pill the day before and the day after can you still be pregnant?

it is less likely but sure.

Can you get pregnant from your boyfriend rubbing his penis against your vaginal opening but not penetrating you Barely a virgin and never been penetrated but he was rubbing against entire area?

All depends on the person, I have known someone who claimed to have gotten pregnant from pre-cum and she swears she never had actual sex, but you should be find as long as he didn't come in you, your chances are very slim at best.

What if you barely get pimples?

If you barely get pimples then consider yourself lucky! there's nothing wrong with you, you just are really fortunate to not constantly hiding your face because of acne.

If a woman is three weeks pregnant and takes a pelvic exam will it show she's pregnant?

No. Your uterus hasn't started growing yet. The baby has barely implanted

Is it ok to sleep on your stomach at 8 months pregnant if you are barely showing?

no dummy. you will crush the human growing inside of you.

Can you get a little bump after a week when pregnant?

No. Most women start to show in the second trimester. After sex it takes 2 weeks just to get pregnant and then it's barely visible in size.

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it depends on how loose the tooth is. if it is barely hanging in, chances are, removal will be painless, if it is semi-loose, it might hurt a little

What are the chances of being pregnant if you missed a birth control pill on a Thursday and on Saturday he only barely entered the vagina?

You can get pregnant by only missing one pill however, usually, the leaflet that comes with the pills give instructions on taking forgotten pills. Missing 3 or more pills has a higher chance of resulting in pregnancy. Also, anytime the penis enters the vagina, pregnancy is possible. Good Luck!!

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If you have an early period with one day heavy bleeding then the next day barely spotting could you be pregnant?

Its possible you could be pregnant yes. Perform a pregnancy test 3 weeks after you last had intercourse.

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Can a girl get pregnant if sperm barely touches th vagina?

Yes, because if you have to ask, which you obviously do, it is probably either true or very likely.

I took a pregnancy test and you could barely see the positive line what does that mean?

More than likely its positive.If you can see a line period then you pregnant. More than likely its positive.If you can see a line period then you pregnant.

A pregnancy test has two lines one of them are dark pink and the other one is hardly noticeable are you pregnant?

Even if it is very faint in color if it is there it is positive. I had one once and it was the faintest line, you could barely see it , and I was pregnant.

Do you devolop preeclampsia because you have psoriasis?

Preeclampsia is water retention in pregnant women. I had it when I was pregnant with my twins and barely urinated for 3 weeks. It can be dangerous if left unchecked. As for the psoriasis link, I very seriously doubt it. I do not have psoriasis and I was preeclampsic.

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