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Successful musicians rely on getting discovered before they are considered successful. Music is a hard road and it takes hard work. Many don't make it. It is time to do some soul searching to see what makes you truly happy and if you would do anything for this career path. There are thousands musicians who will die unknown for every 1 who makes himself known. That 1 has a small percent success rate. If you have spend valuable years in medical school, take your time/money into consideration. What made you love the medical field? You have a better chance of making more money in the medical feild. If you think about it, you will start making money right away when you get your first job (or open a practice). As a musician, you could be singing out of your car and begging for food until you get noticed - if you ever get noticed.

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Q: What are your chances of being successful as a musician compared to your success spending valuable years in medical school?
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