What are zucchinis?

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Q: What are zucchinis?
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What are Zucchinis called in the UK?


What is the plural of zucchini?


Are zucchinis vascular?


What color are zucchinis?

green or yellow

What is the plural form of zucchini?


Are courgettes and zucchinis the same vegetable?

Yes, they are the same.

What rhymes with tennies?

genies, weenies, bikinis, martinis, zucchinis

How many cups is one pound of zucchini?

About three medium sized zucchinis.

Is zucchini a count or noncount noun?

The noun 'zucchini' is a count noun, a noun that has a singular and a plural form. The plural noun is zucchinis.Example: My neighbor gave me two zucchinis from his garden.

Do zucchinis grow in South Carolina?

yes. Zucchini likes warm weather.

How long do you deep fry zucchinis?

depend what kind of deep fryer ;D

What is the shape of zucchini?

Zucchinis are similar in shape to cucumbers, though usually wider (especially at the base).

Does zucchini conduct electricity?

Not well. Zucchinis make better pies than conductors.

Is a zucchini a vegetable or a fruit?

Although widely considered a vegetable, zucchinis come from flowers and are therefore technically fruits.

Do guinea pigs like courgettes?

If you mean zucchinis, then i think they do. if you put some of it in their food bowl, they might nibble it a little. they will most likely eat carrots but im not sure about zucchinis. well, just put some of it in the guinea pigs food bowl and see if they like it then you will know for sure. (please post a message on my board if they dont.) thank you for asking!!

What plants grow the fastest from seeds?

Radishes, mustard, and cress all grow rapidly. In some climates, zucchinis do also.

Why did yellow crookneck get green spots?

Cross-pollination with green zucchinis which means someone planted the yellow crooknecks too close to the zucs!

Do you have to peel a Zucchini?

No, zucchinis do not need to be peeled. Make sure you rinse them well, but the skin is generally tender and won't take much scrubbing.

Why are zucchinis nutritional?

Because every vegetable is nutritional. -Definition 'nutritional ' - A source of nourishment; food.

Are zucchinis angiosperms?

Yes, angiosperms are flowering plants. Zucchini are the fruits of a marrow plant and these have quite attractive yellow flowers, followed by the fruits which we eat.

How many zucchini equals 1 cup shredded?

zucchini come in many sizes so this is unknowable -- however 1.5 average-sized zucchinis are probably about 1 cup after shredding

Where do zucchinis grow?

Zucchini grow in most of the world, all over Europe, north America, Australia, southern Africa and China at least. In many places they are known as 'courgette'

Why are your zucchinis rotting before they are fully grown?

They need to be lifted off the ground; placing a piece of wood like a short plank underneath, or otherwise raising it slightly and protecting it, will help.

Are zucchinis good for guinea pigs?

Yes, guinea pigs can have squash. And I keep pellets and alfalfa in my cages at all times, then feed them a variety of fresh fruits and veggies once a day.

Why did'nt my zuchinni plant produce any zuchinni?

There are a lot of possible reasons: the plant did not get mature enough to produce female flowers; or there was insufficient pollination of the female flowers; or there was a pest which ate the new zucchinis, etc.