Edmund Barton

What area did Edmund Barton represent?

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Which party did Edmund Barton represent when he was prime minister?

Edmund Barton represented the Protectionist Party.

What year did Edmund Barton?

Edmund Barton died on 1920

What did Edmund barton do for federation?

Edmund Barton was the speaker of the house in 1883.

How old was Edmund Barton when he graduated?

Edmund Barton was 18 when he graduated

How long was Edmund Barton in office?

Edmund Barton was elected in 1901 and resigned in 1903.Edmund Barton was Prime Minister for about two and a half years,

Who was Sir Edmund Barton?

Sir Edmund Barton was the first Australian Prime Minister.

Did Edmund Barton support labor or liberal?

Neither. Edmund Barton was with the Protectionist Party.

Did Edmund barton play any sports?

Edmund barton played cricket and he loved it.

Where did sir Edmund Barton graduate from university?

Edmund Barton graduated from the University of Sydney.

Who is Edmund barton dad?

Sir Edmund Barton 's father was William Barton a stockbroker born in January 1777.

Are there any places named after Edmund Barton?

Yes; the Canberra suburb of Barton is named after Edmund Barton, as is the Edmund Barton Building (originally the Trade Group Offices),a large office building on the Parliamentary Triangle in the suburb of Barton.

What is Edmund Barton Background?

Sir Edmund Barton was English I think. I am very sorry if it is the wrong answer.

When was Edmund Barton born?

Edmund Barton was born on 18 January 1849 in Glebe, Sydney.

What is Edmund Barton known for?

Edmund Barton is known for being Australia's first Prime Minister.

Was sir Edmund Barton the only child in his family?

no sire edmund barton was not the only child

Was Edmund Barton the first mayor of Australia?

No. Edmund Barton was the first Prime Minister of Australia.

When was Edmund Barton knighted?

Edmund Barton, first Prime Minister of Australia, was knighted in 1902.

When did Edmund Barton Die?

Sir Edmund Barton died on 7 January 1920 at the age of 70.

When Edmund barton was prime minister was he liberal or labor?

Neither, Edmund Barton belonged to the Protectionist Party.

What sport did Edmund barton play?

one of the sports Edmund Barton played was criket and he loved playing it.

When did Sir Edmund Barton die?

Sir Edmund Barton died on January 7, 1920 at the age of 70.

Was Edmund barton a good prime minister?

As Edmund barton was the first p.m everyone respected him and he was a great p.m

Who was Edmund barton's wife?

Jane Mason Ross. After she married Edmund Barton, she became Jane Mason Barton

Was war on while Edmund Barton was prime minister?

No. There was no war in Australia while Edmund Barton held office.

Who was the prime minister after Edmund Barton?

Edmund Barton, Australia's first Prime Minister, was succeeded by Alfred Deakin.

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