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What areas are volcanoes not associated with?


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they are not associated with epicenters...!!(: ENJOY.

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Igneous rocks are found in areas of volcanism

volcanoes usually not associated with?

Correct. About 90% of volcanoes are associated with plate boundaries. The remaining 10% are associated with hot spots. These are areas when extra hot mantle material, in what is called a mantle plume, wells up and melts beneath the crust.

Magma is generally associated with volcanoes

The majority of Earth's volcanoes and earthquakes are associated with the boundaries where tectonic plates meet.

Extrusive Igneous rocks, eg basalt, pumice, obsidian, tufa etc., are associated with volcanoes.

Pele is actually a Hawaiian goddess associated with volcanoes and fire.

Shield volcanoes are not hot spots but they are associated with them. However, such volcanoes can also form at rift zones.

The rare phenomenon you're talking about is called a calderas.Caldera is the term given to large depressions associated with volcanoes that form when volcanoes explode or collapse into the earth.

Volcanoes and earthquakes have different causes and occur in different places. Earthquakes are associated with collisions between crustal plates, but volcanoes are associated with rising plumes of magma from the mantle.

The type of boundary associated with Icelandic volcanoes is the constructive plate boundary, where two plates slowly move apart and magma seeps up through the gap.

becuase volcanoes have plates under them.the places that dont have plates under them don't have volcanoes

The greatest hazard to human life associated with volcanoes are the toxic gasses that come from them. These gases make it hard for a human to breathe.

No. Most volcanoes are associated with plate boundaries rather than hot spots.

Areas where stray volcanoes are located are called 'Hot Spots' such as the volcanoes located on the Hawaian islands

There are active volcanoes along the Gakkel Ridge areas of the Arctic Ocean.

There Are multiple volcanoes along the ring of fire. (along the pacific coast)

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