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mermaids livge in the ocean there for mermaids are real

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Mermaids do not live in countries. Mermaids live in the sea.

Mermaids are said to live in the ocean.

Mermaids live in all seas...

No, mermaids are fictional creatures, they do not live anywhere.

No, as mermaids do not live; they are creatures of fiction.

Mermaids live in the Ocean, they do not live on land or in land.

Mermaids do not live in any ocean on Earth as they are not real.

No. Mermaids do not exist. In most stories they live in the ocean.

No. Mermaids don't live anywhere but in stories.

Mermaids are fictional characters. Therefore they can live anywhere you want them to.

They don't live in any state. Mermaids aren't real.

Nowhere. Mermaids don't exist.

Mermaids are not real so they only live in books, movies, TV, and games.

Mermaids are not real, in olden times they were thought to live in the sea

They are mermaids....... they live under water.

Mermaids (and Mermen) Live to about 300 years of age.

Lots of mermaids live in caves. Some live in sunken ships.

Mermaids are a modern/ancient myth. Nobody knows whether they really exist so there is no "location" where mermaids live. Sorry :/

Mermaids are not real and they only live in movies, games, stories and movies. They are make believe.

they are fantasy so theres no such thing as mermaids

Assuming that is the right city and not a typo: No there are no mermaids there.

Mermaids don't exist and it is not certain that Atlantis existed either.

Mermaids are fictional. Mermaids live in peoples imaginations. Mermaids live in the fantasies of children and sailors (for the most part). They can be found in children's books and in movies (and in the mental constructs of the mind, of course).

Mermaids live in the sea. Really down deep and they turn invisible so no one can see them!

Nowhere. Mermaids can be found in books, movies, and other fictional media, but nowhere else.I hope you realize Florida is a piece of land. Mermaids don't live on land.

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