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Darcy makes Wickham agree to marry Lydia. He repays a large chunk of Wickham's debts but arranges for Mr. Bennett to pay the debts to the shopkeepers in Meryton. Darcy also pays someone money so that Wickham can get out of the volunteer militia regiment he had joined that put him in contact with the Bennett sisters. He then enters the regular army and is stationed in the north of England, away from Hertfordshire. Finally, because Wickham has no annual income and no money Lydia to inherit should he die before her, Mr. Bennett has to agree that Lydia will still get the 1/5 of Mr. Bennett's estate after his death. Mr. Bennett is also asked to provide her an annual personal income of 100 pounds/year (a tiny amount, really) for her living expenses.

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Lydia is married to Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice. Prior to this, Mr. Darcy clears Wickham's debts and secures a future for the couple in another town.

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Q: What arrangements are made concerning Lydia?
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