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Edgar Degas is known for painting Ballet scenes.


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Ballet has always used classical music like today. Usually its a CD if you see a ballet you rarely come across dancers performing to a Live Orchestra;.

Greg Mort has studios/homes in Ashton, Maryland and in Port Clyde, Maine.

The Nutcracker Ballet is the name of a ballet in which a little girl dreams of her toy nutcracker becoming a live soldier.

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The Royal Ballet Live is a collaboration among the Guardian, the Royal Ballet, and the website Youtube. It involves live behind the scenes videos, an inside view of choreographers, and an exclusive look at the dancers involved.

The Dance Center of Kirkwood is good for not just ballet, but they have strong jazz and tap classes as well. If you're just looking for ballet or a studio with more ballet emphasis, then the St. Louis Ballet School or the Alexandra School of Ballet are very good if you live near Chesterfield, MO.

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I would search on google. It depends where you live. Try searching 'stage school' and 'ballet stage school' and choose one that you think would work for you!

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Metropolitan Opera Ballet has: Played Dancers in "Live from the Metropolitan Opera" in 1977. Played Villagers in "Live from the Metropolitan Opera" in 1977. Played Dancers in "Don Carlo" in 1980. Played Ballet: Bacchanale from Samson et Dalila in "The Metropolitan Opera: Centennial Gala" in 1983. Played Villagers in "Turandot" in 1987. Played Dancers in "Carmen" in 1987. Played Dancers in "The Metropolitan Opera HD Live" in 2006. Played Villagers in "The Metropolitan Opera HD Live" in 2006. Played Dance in "The Metropolitan Opera HD Live" in 2006. Played Ballet in "The Metropolitan Opera HD Live" in 2006.

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He actually did not do ballet but was very educated about the subject. His daughter took ballet. She actually contrary to popular belief does not live in Baltimore, MD but resides in Omaha, Ne. She is 21 and her name is ShaMeka Franklin. He actually died on her 6th birthday September 13th 1996. He helped her practice her ballet, but did not actually do it himself

You can audition by sending a video/dvd of your dancing. Go to The Rolal Ballet School website and follow the prompts for international auditions.

He lived in Vienna, Austria

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