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Q: What aspects of working with people do you find enjoyable and what if any do you find less enjoyable?
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Why do people do street dance?

people do it because they find it enjoyable and very fun.

Could swimming be enjoyable?

Many people find swimming an enjoyable way to exercise.

Why do people dance in Finland?

Because some Finnish people find it enjoyable.

What elements of your job do you find most enjoyable?

During a job interview or review many employers want to know what aspects of your job that you like most. They are trying to find out what you enjoy about your job so they can figure out how much you would like the new position. What you like about your job will vary depending on the position that you have but can include the duties and tasks you enjoy most or working with people.

Why do people like 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'?

They find it enjoyable.

What is the most common reason people drink?

Most people drink because they find it enjoyable.

Why you are interested in HR job in Hawkins?

An answer would be, "I enjoy working with people and helping them find satisfaction in their job." You could also say, "I really enjoy certain aspects of HR and find it challenging and stimulating."

Why do you play dota?

Because many people find it enjoyable, just like playing soccer, etc.

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Some people get intense pleasure out of it. It saves them from having to go find someone to do it for them and it is safe- but definitely not as enjoyable.

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The aspects of cars that people tend to find amazing are it's roofs, spoilers and the design and shape of the wheels. Also, the paint of the cars is one of those things which impresses people the most.

How do you find learning Algebra?

I found it very enjoyable.

Why do you think people accept sleep starvation but not food starvation?

because people normally find eating more enjoyable then sleep and they could rest instead of sleep