What atoms are heavier than iron?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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There are many elements that are heavier than iron, including lead, gold, platinum, osmium, uranium, etc. Look at the periodic table of the elements.

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Q: What atoms are heavier than iron?
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Are heavier atoms heavier than helium atoms?


What energy comes from changes in a nucleus?

Such energy is called nuclear energy. There are basically two different variations on this principle. One, light atoms can be combined into heavier atoms (up to a certain point - somewhere around iron). This is known as fusion. The other is that heavy atoms (heavier than iron) can split into lighter atoms.

Is iodine heavier than iron?

No, atomically Iron is a heavier element

Which is heavier lead or iron?

Lead is heavier than iron.

Is 100 aluminum atoms heavier than 100 led atoms?

No. 100 lead atoms are several times heavier than 100 aluminum atoms.

What is heavier iron or silica?

Iron is heavier because iron is a metal and metals are heavier but silica is not a metal so silica is lighter than iron.

Is an iron nail heavier than a wooden stool?

The wooden stool is heavier than the iron nail

Is iron heavier than plastic?

Yes iron is very much heavier then plastic.

How are elements heavier than iron are formed?

Elements heavier than iron are formed in super-nova explosions.

Is neon heavier than iron?

No. Neon is lighter than iron

Is iron heavier than gold?

Gold has many more protons and neutrons in the nucleus of each atom than iron does. So each gold atom weighs almost four times as much as each iron atom. The extra electrons in the gold atoms do make the atom a little bigger than an iron atom, but not a whole lot. So there are nearly as many gold atoms as iron atoms per volume, but each gold atom weighs a lot more. So gold ends up denser.

What are the different forms of nuclear energy?

There are probably various ways to classify it. Here is one. You can gain energy either by combining atoms that are lighter than iron or nickel into heavier atoms (a process known as fusion), or by splitting heavier atoms into lighter ones (a process known as fission).