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The sun-drenched island of Cyprus has attracted tourists from the days when the Phoenicians reckoned this island of goddesses, wine and safe harbours was a great place to conquer! Both south and North Cyprus have something for every kind of tourist, from the sun-worshipping beach lover to the dedicated sightseer of ancient historical sites. Adventurous types can enjoy everything from Scuba diving to paragliding, while those who like to rave until dawn can chill to their heart’s content. Personally, I recommend North Cyprus, because it’s much less developed than the south of the island, yet you can enjoy everything mentioned above - and more! The countryside is breathtaking, the beaches vast and uncrowded, and the prices cheaper. The Turkish Cypriot food is great, the people friendly and eager to speak English, and flights get cheaper by the week. What more do you want! The best web site on North Cyprus by far is, packed with information and with links to cheap flights to North Cyprus too!

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Q: What attracts tourists to Cyprus?
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