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O Henry wrote 'The Last Leaf'

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O Henry written the short story the last

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Q: What author wrote the short story 'The Last Leaf'?
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Who wrote the short story Last Cover?

Paul Annixter

When was The Last Defender of Camelot - short story - created?

The Last Defender of Camelot - short story - was created in 1979.

Who wrote the last dog story?

Katherine Paterson

What author wrote the Last Apprentice series?

Joseph Delaney wrote the Last Apprentice series.

What should you name your short story?

The title comes last. First, finish your short story, then your title will come from something you wrote in the story. If you honestly cannot find anything in your writing that makes a good title, you can choose a famous quotation or song lyric that has something to do with what happened in your story.

Who wrote the last leaf?

the story written by O Henry

Who is the author of last orders?

Graham Swift wrote Last Orders.

What was the last name of the author who wrote Gone With the Wind?


Who wrote the wartime book the last enemy?

Richard Hillary is the author of The Last Enemy.

Who is the author of the story last cover?

The author's name is Paul Annixter.

What was Hans christian andersen's last story that he wrote?

Urbanus written in 1949

Whose last name begins with p that is an author?

Edgar Allen Poe wrote many short stories and poems. Emily Post authored the book Etiquette. Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense.

What is the last name of the author of Hamlet?

William Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.

Who is the author of 'Man and Super man'?

what was the life of the author who wrote the last man peak book

Who wrote the collection of short stories entitled 'The Last Defender of Camelot'?


What is the meaning of ending in elements of short story?

The end of a story contains the last plot element: the resolution.

'The Story of Life' Jimi Hendrix?

'The Story of Life' is the title of the last lyrics Jimi wrote the day before he died.

Who is a famous author from Texas?

ryan peterLarry McMurtry is a famous author from Texas. Most of his works are set in the Old West or present-day Texas. His works include Terms of Endearment The Last Picture Show, and Lonesome Dove. He wrote the screenplay for Brokeback Mountain, and original short story by E. Annie Proulx.

What are the release dates for Last Orders - 2008?

Last Orders - 2008 was released on: USA: 28 November 2008 (Short Short Story Festival)

What is the last story was written by amadeus Mozart?

Mozart was a composer, not a writer. His last known piece he wrote was Symphony No. 41.

When was O Henry's The Last Leaf published?

O. Henry's short story "The Last Leaf", was published in 1907.

What is ''What Is Grandma Weavers Last Arrow''?

Grandma Weaver's Last Arrow is a short story by Rosemary M. Huggins

What is an author's last name that starts with a j?

James Joyce wrote Ulysses. He also is the author of Finnegans Wake.

Who wrote Twilight Zone episode with Burgess Meredith and all those books at the end of the world?

"Time Enough at Last" (1959) was written by Rod Serling based on a short story by Lynn Venable.

In which stage of the plot does the author show how the story ends?

The last chapter

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