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General William Tecumseh Sherman did not receive the Medal of Honor during his military career, despite his significant contributions to the Union Army during the Civil War. He did, however, receive the Congressional Gold Medal in 1864 in recognition of his military leadership.

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Q: What award did William Sherman get?
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Who burned atlanta during the civil war?

William Tecumseh Sherman. And to this day, no Southerner will ever name his child Sherman.

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It was William T. Sherman.

What branch was William sherman in?

William Sherman was in the US Army.

Who was William T Sherman's?

William T. Sherman was a great war general;also known as Burnin Sherman.

Who is genral sherman?

William Tecumseh Sherman.

Who was Roger sherman's brother?

William Sherman

What is William Tecumseh Sherman's birthday?

William Tecumseh Sherman was born on February 8, 1820.

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When was William Watts Sherman House created?

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When was William Sherman Jennings born?

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Who was involved in Sherman's March to the sea?

William Tecumseh Sherman .

Was William T. sherman union or confederate?

General William T. Sherman was a General for the Union Army.