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Mary Downing Hahn wrote The Old Willis Place.

The Theme of the Old Willis Place Is Ghost Stories

what questions are asked about the protagonist in the book the old willis place

Mary Downing Hahn has written over 20 books.Some of these include:Anna All Year RoundHear the Wind BlowThe Doll in the GardenWitch CatcherThe Old Willis PlaceSee the related link for a bibliography of her work.

The setting of the Old Willis Place is basically Oak Hill Manor and the property around it.

Miss Willis had a stroke... she recovered but she was too weak so she died.

no, but i wish it was how ever "the old willis place" on youtube is a good short movie. and hopefully in the near future some one will discover it.

Georige,Diana,Lisa,Lisa's Dad,and Ms. Lillian.And/or miss willis......

The Cabinet Room in 10 Downing Street.

Miss Lilian Willis. I supposed Lissa could sort of be considered as an antagonist, since she is constantly endangering Diana and Georgie.

The theme for this book is ghost story or horror.

It took place in hollywood

The first place to receive rain in India is the Sate Kerala.

On March 7th, 2010, The Academy Awards will be celebrating its 82nd ceremony. The first Academy Awards took place in 1929.

The place where you live or the place where you receive your mail.

Miss Willis locked Georgie and Diana in a storage room in the cellar and then she had a stroke. They died before she was able to tell anyone to let them out.

No, but she did hold a special place in hearts of Washingtonians over a period of almost 50 years and there is a statue of her and James Maidosn in James Madison's Montepelier in Orange, VA.

The first Academy Awards took place in 1929 honoring the films of 1927 & 1928.The first televised Academy Awards was the 25th Awards & happened in 1953.

The Sony World Awards honor photography. The awards take place annually and one can already enter the 2014 awards contest through the links on their website.

It's somewhere in Maryland. I think this because when Ms. Willis finally caught Diana and Georgie, she said something like, "...the granddaughter of an attorney. The descendant of one of the oldest families in Maryland."

AnswerAustralia came in fifth place.

The cast of The Perfect Place - 2013 includes: Richard Boa as Stalker Rosie Willis as Jane

The authors purpose was that Diana and Georgie could find peace with Mrs.Lilian.

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