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Q: What awards did The Old Willis Place by Mary Downing Hahn receive?
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Who is the author of the old willis place?

Mary Downing Hahn wrote The Old Willis Place.

What is the most resent book Mary downing hahn has written?

old willis place

Is the Old Willis Place real?

It is a fictional book that is a ghost story written by Mary Downing Hahn. SO the answer is NO!

What is the explicit theme for the old willis place?

The Theme of the Old Willis Place Is Ghost Stories

Protagonist in The Old Willis Place?

what questions are asked about the protagonist in the book the old willis place

When was The Old Willis Place created?

The Old Willis Place was created on 2004-09-20.

What was the book about a ghost brother and sister who started the book by stealing the bike of the girl and father who own that land currently and there's an old lady that killed them?

The Old Willis Place by Mary Downing Hahn

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What is the setting in the old willis place?

The setting of the Old Willis Place is basically Oak Hill Manor and the property around it.

How did Miss Willis die in the book old willis place?

Miss Willis had a stroke... she recovered but she was too weak so she died.

What is the setting of the old willis place?

in oak grove

Is Diana and George ghosts in the old Willis place?


Is the old willis place a movie?

no, but i wish it was how ever "the old willis place" on youtube is a good short movie. and hopefully in the near future some one will discover it.

What is the genre of the book The Old Willis Place?

I think its mystery

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Who are the main characters in the book the old willis place?

Georige,Diana,Lisa,Lisa's Dad,and Ms. Lillian.And/or miss willis......

The theme for The old Willis place?

The theme for this book is ghost story or horror.

How many pages does the book the old Willis place have?

201 pages....... i think

Where does the kca awards take place?

It took place in hollywood

Who is the antagonist in old willis place?

Miss Lilian Willis. I supposed Lissa could sort of be considered as an antagonist, since she is constantly endangering Diana and Georgie.

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What is the crime in the book old willis place?

Miss Willis locked Georgie and Diana in a storage room in the cellar and then she had a stroke. They died before she was able to tell anyone to let them out.

Who is the main character in the old Willis place?

12 year old diana and her brother georgie