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What bad impact did the computers have on society?

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Several negative effects come to mind:

1/ Prolonged use can affect your vision. I know several people who attribute their failing eyesight to spending long periods of time at the computer. When my wife quit her job, her vision actually improved, and she no longer needs to wear reading glasses !

2/ Unless regular breaks are taken and careful attention is paid to one's posture, RSI can result from prolonged use of the computer.

3/ In spite of the original claims that computers would save enormous quantities of paper, the opposite has been the case.

4/ (submitted by aforementioned wife) Can be detrimental to marriages, when partner becomes totally consumed by the machine !!!!!

That's a lie... cumputers are awesomee. ilovethemm. LOVE!

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How computers have affected your society positively and negatively?

What impact do computers have on society?AnswerWhat impact do computers have on society?Matt n is the bees knees

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how computers programs impact modern society

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What are the impact of computers on society?

Society become global village and link with eachother every time.

What is the impact of IT in Society?

The impact of IT in our society is that the IT maintenance workers help us. What that means is that they are the ones who fix our computers or reboot them if your computer had a major virus.

What bad impact do computers have on people?

they make you nearsighted and lazy

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blah blah blah

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What is the impact of these products to society?

Computers have impacted society in every aspect. From how products function, to how to elements of the products we use are created, to how we communicate, to how we work and live - everything is affected by computers.

What is the impact of computers and the internet on society?

The internet and computers play a very important rlo in the 21st century. The biggest impact is that computers and the internet have improved daily lives, despite the negative impacts computers and the internet is two things that will never grow out.

Why are computers bad for society?

One way computers are bad for society is they can limit physical interaction with other humans. This can make it difficult for young people to learn to interact directly with others and isolate people.

Did computers have a negative impact on society?

There was a dramatic drop in demand for jobs as human computers, a previously rapidly expanding job category.

Are computers good or bad for society?

Computers are great for society. They help people improve their productivity. By adding the Internet, people can communicate with individuals around the world.

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What is the impact of computers on local communities

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One argument that computers are bad for society is that they allow people to communicate without any actual human involvement. People can become isolated with no human contact when they use a computer and rely on it instead of other people for contact.

How has computers impact society in a negative way?

how it made people become lazy and fat and don't want to do anything

Why does the computer have greater impact on society than any other electrical device?

because people like computers more

What is the impact of computers in the field of industry?

computers have very great impact in the field of industry

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it help deliver messages without taking a few days to deliver it

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Computers help people increase their productivity using automation. Automation allows employees to work without doing every little task associated with the job.

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Goood. you can capture memories of your past. you can look back and be happy.

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