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Debbie Harry was in the bands...

(1) Wind In The Willows. Who released an album in 1968 were Debbie vocals can be heard for the first time on record as well as playing instruments. Debbie wasn't the lead singer in the band though. They also did a demo of tapes for a second album were Debbie's vocal were more at the front but they got lost and still haven't been found to this day.

(2) Pure Garbage Started out a 3 piece "girl" group Elda Gentile and famous superstar drag queen Holly Woodlawn and another girl called Jamaica Kincaid started the group but Holly was offered a solo act at the club Reno Sweeney which Elda encouraged Holly to take which she did. Elda then asked Debbie when they met in the street one day if Debbie would be intrested in joining the group so Debbie joined and Debbie changed the name to the Stilettoes which become a campy girl group doing

cover songs in the clubs and bars of New York. Chris Stein later joined them as a guitarist but Debbie and Chris left the group to form another.

(3) After a few musician changes and name changes like Angela And The Snakes etc. Debbie come up with the name Blondie after she was going over to Chris's apartment one day, the truck drivers in the street started whistling and shouting hey Blondie the name and group was born and the rest is in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

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Is there a song called debbie harry?

No - Debbie Harry is the famous (and absolutley fantastic!) singer of brilliant band blondie.

Who sings rapture?

The band Blondie, led by Debbie Harry, sings Rapture.

Who is married to Blondie?

Blondie is a band not a person.The main singer Debbie Harry is not married.

What does harry styles do in one direction?

well its a band so they all sing-harry included

Which female fronted band had an album entitled 'Parallel Lines?

Blondie, fronted by Debbie Harry.

Does debbie harry have a sister?

Yes, Debbie Harry has a half sister named Martha Harry.

When was Debbie Harry born?

Debbie Harry was born on July 1, 1945.

Was Debbie Harry a call girl?

No, Debbie Harry (Blondie) was a Playboy centerfold model.

When was If I Had You - Debbie Harry song - created?

If I Had You - Debbie Harry song - was created in 2008.

What age was Harry Styles when he started to sing?

Harry styles was in a band called "White Eskimo" he started singing. He went on to audition for X-Factor when he was 15, this is where he met his future band mates.

Was one direction the first band to sing one thing?

Yes!:) I love you Harry Edward Styles!

What bands has recording artist Debbie Harry been involved with?

Debbie Harry made a name for herself as the lead singer in the Big 80's rock band called Blondie. Later she switched genres from rock to jazz. She was a member of the NYC based band of the Jazz Passengers. As an aside, before her recording career took off, she was a Playboy Bunny.

Is Harry Styles a song writer?

Harry styles is a singer in the uk band called One Direction the sing and also write some of their songs

What is Debbie Harry's birthday?

Debbie Harry was born on July 1, 1945.

What actors and actresses appeared in A New Face of Debbie Harry - 1982?

The cast of A New Face of Debbie Harry - 1982 includes: Deborah Harry as herself

When did Blondie start her career?

'Blondie' , Debbie Harry , started her career in the late 1960s with the band The Wind in the Willows . ~ See the related link below .

Is Debbie Gibson a Soubrette?

No. she doesn't sing opera.

What is Deborah Harry famous for?

Deborah Debbie Harry is a singer and actress who became famous for leading the new wave band Blondie. Her blond hair and cool sexuality made her an instant music icon.

When did Debbie harry's sister born?

Debbie Has a younger half sister called Martha Harry, who looks nothing like her as Debbie was adopted by the Harry family at the age of 3 months Debbie was born in Miami Florida. in 1945. Martha was born later on.

What Are The Names of Blondie's Band Members?

Debbie Harry - vocals Chris Stein - guitar Jimmy Destri - keyboards Gary Valentine - bass Clem Bourke - drums

What famous people have a first name of d?

See Abuser, Dion Warwick, Deon Sanders, Debbie Reynolds, Debbie Harry, Debbie Ryan,

Who started rapping?

Debbie Harry, Blondie, Rapture.

What are the release dates for Class of '80 Debbie Harry - 2004 TV?

Class of '80 Debbie Harry - 2004 TV was released on: USA: August 2004

Who sing you can call me any time?

Not sure what song you're thinking of. Maybe "Call Me" by Blondie, Debbie Harry is the lead singer. Or you may be thinking of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"

What the band that sing you are So Sick?

The band is Flyleaf