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Banks that offer good rates for checking accounts include state farm bank, america bank, and nova trust. Some banks will also offer incentives for opening an account with them.

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What national bank has the best interest rates on their free checking accounts?

Interest rates change daily among banks. To get the most current rates check bankrate.com

Where can one find reliable checking account interest rates?

One can find reliable checking account interest rates by searching on the websites of banks. These websites often have information regarding their interest policies as well as the rates associated with their accounts.

What are the best sources for checking interest rates?

Interest rates for checking accounts can be obtained through individual banks and financial institutions. In many areas, the local newspaper will list current interest rates for each financial institutions weekly.

What has gone wrong with the banks in America?

Some banks are charging too many fees for their checking accounts and others are not giving their customers high enough interest rates on savings accounts.

Do all banks offer checking bank accounts?

Practically all banks offer checking bank accounts. The interest rates and services such as overdraft protection will vary by account type and bank. Most credit unions also have checking account options.

What are some of the best banks with the highest interest rates for savings accounts?

Some of the best banks with the highest interest rates for saving accounts are the Bank of England, the Bank of Switzerland, and various banks in the Cayman Islands.

Do you know if banks will still give high interest rates on savings accounts compared to a regular checking account?

Most savings accounts hold little to no interest rate currently. They are basically the same as a checking account. If you are looking for higher yield interest, consider purchasing a CD.

What are the checking account interest rates?

The interest rates on checking accounts vary depending on the bank who issues them. At the present time, the interest rates can range from 0.20% APY to 0.93% APY, depending on which bank you choose.

Why do checking accounts have interest rates?

Certain checking accounts have interest rates because they require that the customer keep a minimum balance in the account each month. This money is used by the bank to make more money.

What banks in the UK offer the best interest rates on saving?

There are a variety of banks in the United Kingdom that offer high interest savings accounts. Some of the banks with the highest interest rates are Vanquis, Nationwide, and NatWest.

How can you attain the best interest rates on savings?

There are many options for savings accounts which provide different interest rates. For traditional savings accounts, online banks typically yield the best rates.

What banks offer high interest rate accounts?

Different banks will offer different interest rates. Some banks that offer high interest rates include Ally Bank and Capital One which has an interest rate of 0.84% and 0.75%.

Where can one compare the best interest rates on savings accounts?

One can compare the best interest rates on savings accounts by going to various bank review websites. They will list all the banks and their respective interest rates.

Where is a good place to find the best savings interest rates?

Typically, the best rates available for savings and checking accounts are those that online banks give to their customers. Since they don't have overhead costs like brick and mortar banks, there rates tend to be better.

What are the interest rates on current accounts at some major banks?

Interest rates are constantly changing and vary according to the type of account. Bankrate is the best resource for comparing the daily rates at major banks.

What banks offer High Interest Rate Savings Accounts?

AIG online savings accounts seem to offer the best interest rates. As for brick-and-mortar banks, rates don't differ much, maxing out at around 2%.

What is the current interest rate for a saving account?

Currently (2009), interest rates on savings accounts are very very low. Different banks have different interest rates. In India as of November 2011, the interest rates are 4% or above. banks can essentially set the rate of interest they choose to pay for money held in savings accounts to their customers

Which bank located in San Diego offers the best interest rate?

Interest rates change daily for banks. The best place to find current interest rates for banks in San Diego is by checking Bankrate.com

Which pays a higher rate of interest a checking account or a savings account?

Generally a savings account pays more interest, but there are some checking accounts that offer rates that are very competitive to savings accounts.

Why is loophole mining so prevalent in banking?

Competition for profits drives banks to look for ways to skirt regulations, known as loophole mining. Loophole mining is also prevalent because the US regulatory system is permissive. In the 1970s banks found loopholes in the regulation restricting interest rates for checking accounts by creating sweep accounts, a financial innovation where left over funds from checking accounts were "sweeped" into another account overnight that paid market interest rates.

What benefits are there from internet banking?

Most internet banking sites offer free and checking and higher interest rates on savings accounts because they don't have the over head traditional banks have.

What is the interest rate for Suntrust online checking accounts?

I checked the Suntrust site and couldn't find an "online checking account". Suntrust offers a nice discount on loans in other products to its checking account holders though. BankRate.com compiles data involving the major banks and thier interest rates.

What is the best type of saving accounts to get?

The best savings accounts are the ones with the highest interest rates. Try an online bank like ING, they have low overhead and thus have much higher interest rates for accounts than traditional banks.

What online bank offers a totally free checking account?

Although most of the online banks discuss savings account options to get better interest rates over the "brick and mortar" counterparts, there are online banks that offer free checking accounts also. One example of such banks is UnivestDirect online bank.

Where can one find more information on the best current interests rates on savings accounts?

A person can find the best current interest rates on savings accounts by visiting branch offices of local banks in their area and comparing interest rates.

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