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The Savage model 220 was available in 12 gauge,16 gauge,20gauge,28gauge,and 410 gauge chambered barrels,with a barrel length of between 26 inches-32 inches.

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The savage model 220 single barrel shotgun was made from 1938-1965.

There is a model 220 single shot and a model 220 bolt action. Go to the Savage Customer Service website, ask for an owner's manual for your gun. They are free.

Yes SAVAGE DID MANUFACTURE A MODEL 220 in 22 SHOT.I am sure because I am LUCKY enough to have one.Reciever end is size of 22 cal of course. Muzzle end about the size of a 410. Barrel stamped--SAVAGE ARMS CORPORATION UTICA NEW YORK U.S.A MODEL 220. Other side of barrel (right side) stamped 22 SHOT. Hope this helps.I never seen another nor have I found anyone who has!!

Pull down on the front of the foreend. It snaps right off. Open the action, and the barrel lifts back and up off the hinge in the receiver.

the savage model 220 is worth anywhere from 85 to 95 dollars US.

The savage model 220 shotgun made from 1938-1965 will bring between 40-75 dollars.

AnswerNo. In my research into this question, they dont come with a Remington barrel, but they say that the Remington model 11 barrel is interchangeable with the Savage 720, and visa versa. They will not be interchangeable with the Browning A5 barrel.

I can say that the savage model 220 was made between the years 1937-1945.The total production figures are 50,000 firearms.

the savage model 220 shotguns were made from 1937-1945 with 50,000 being made.

Stevens savage model 311a double barrel shot gun with 28 inch barel

The Savage model 220B along with the other models of this single shot shotgun were made from 1938-1965.

The Savage model 220 series of shotguns were made from 1938-1965.This includes the model 220,220b,220p,220ac,and 220L.

Look on the receiver and/or barrel

Generic Savage model 311 double barrel shotguns in good or better condition are selling for around $300. Prices vary by region, guage, barrel lengths, etc.

It should be stamped on the barrel It should be stamped on the barrel

Without a serial number,I can only say that the savage model 340 was made from 1950-1985.If you would include the type of sights,barrel,barrel length,and stock design It would better help me in deciding with in which years your savage model 340 was produced.

Yes as an option and yes as a retail product

I am going to assume that you have a savage model 29 pump action .22cal rifle.These were made with a octagon barrel up to 1940.these 22 cal rifles range in price from 220-350 dollars depending on condition.

The savage models,221,222,223,227,228,and 229 were similar to the model 219,except these models were supplied with a shotgun barrel.(each model listed above represents a different gauge and barrel length).I would try numrich gun parts corp.or E-gun

yes , i have one in 20 ga, Bryan

around 500, that's what mine is worth

Depending on condition, around $150

The caliber marking on the barrel will prove that your Savage model 99 is chambered in 30-30 Win.The model 99 markings on the receiver/barrel will also indicate that you have a model 99 savage.Some 30-30 Win.chambered rifles by savage will be marked model of 1899,which indicates that you have the early model of Savage lever action rifle,made from 1899-1909.

The Savage model 3 series featured a 26 inch barrel,or 24 inch barrel(post War),with open sights,plain grip stock.These rifles were produced from 1930-1947.

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