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Q: What battle showed Jackson ability to lead soldiers?
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Which battle showed both sides that their soldiers neede more training?

The First Battle of Bull Run proved that neither army was capable of delivering a decisive victory.

How did agustsus syle of leadership coincide with jesus teachings on leadership?

because he showed the ability to lead because he showed the ability to lead because he showed the ability to lead

What did the both sides learn from the battle bull run?

they learned that their soldiers needed traning. It also showed that the war would be long and bloody.

Why did fight tournaments at court?

Tournaments at court were considered high entertainment. These games showed the combat ability of knights and other soldiers and were presented in front of the monarchÊand court.

What was the importence of the battle of Bunker Hill?

It showed that the colonies weren't gonna go down easy. Although they lost, they killed/injured many British soldiers.

How did the Battle of Bull Run change the mind set of soilders about the war?

Manassas showed the soldiers and the government that the Civil war would not be a short skirmish and would be a long bloody conflict.

What was a result of the Battle of Trenton was that?

The Battle of Trenton was a vital victory for the morale of the Continental Army. It showed the troops that they could fight and win a battle against European armies. The American troops gained faith in the commander, General George Washington, when many doubted that he could lead the Continental Army.

What were Michael Jackson's favourite lessons?

When you say lessons, are you referring to school lessons? Although no one can ever know, I would assume it was music - he showed his musical ability early when he did a Christmas recital in kindergarten.

Where was the bull run battle at?

On July 21, 1861 the First Battle of Bull Run occurred. It was the first real major conflict of the American Civil War. A Union army, consisting of 28,000 men, commanded by General McDowell, fought 33,000 Confederates under General Beaureguard. The Union army, under pressure to crush the rebellion in the South, marched towards Richmond, but met the Confederate forces coming north from Manassas, a Southern base. Also known as the Battle of Manassas (Virginia) At the beginning of the five hour battle the Union soldiers had the Confederates on the retreat, except for one brigade commanded by General Jackson. Due to Jackson's ability to hold his ground and his stubbornness, the men saw him similar to a stone wall, hence the nickname "Stonewall" Jackson. Thanks to Jackson the Confederates were able to hold out until General Johnston showed up with 9000 reinforcements to help out Beauregard near Henry House Hill. The arrival changed the course of the battle and soon the Union soldiers were fleeing back to Washington. However, because of the disorganization of Beauregard's army, they could not pursue McDowell any further.The battle proved that this was not going to be a one sided war for either side, as was predicted. The casualties soared to 2,900 killed, wounded, captured, or missing for McDowell's army and 2,000 for Beauregard's. The battle spurred a sense of victory in the South, pushing them on, and in the North a feeling for revenge.

Which battle showed most American casualties?


Were there any Canadians who showed bravery in the battle of the Somme and how?


Why did William pretend to die in the Battle of hastings?

Because that was the report that was given during the battle. During that time, the closeness of battle, it was hard to determine who was dead and who wasn't until the end of the battle.