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to reduce smog emmisions, maybe drive less in cars and use public transport or ride a bike

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How did the great smog of London start?

kennise and rachel done lol

What has been done or is being done to reduce the pollution that causes smog and acid rain?

You cannot use CFC's anymore

Is smog heterogeneous?

Smog is heterogeneous because smog is a mixture of liquid, gas and solids.

Does nuclear fission produce smog into the air?

Nuclear fission does not produce smog. Nevertheless, the use of nuclear power does not have a zero carbon footprint, and there is unquestionably smog associated with it. In the United States, nearly all enrichment of uranium is done at a facility that is powered by a coal burning power plant said to be the worst polluting coal plant in the country. This, of course, produces smog. The mining, refining, and transportation of uranium are all done with equipment typically dependent on petroleum products, and this produces smog. Building a power plant and decommissioning a power also depend on petroleum for fuel, and so there is smog associated with this. And since we have no idea how to deal with the waste nuclear fuel, we cannot even comment on smog associated with it. But the actual nuclear fission does not produce any smog at all.

What is the smog pump?

pumps smog

Is smog important?

No, it is not. Smog is a pollutant.

What does smog abatement mean?

Smog abatement means reducing the amount or intensity of smog.

Photochemical smog is a brown type of smog made when?

Photochemical smog is a type of smog made when hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides mix with sunlight.

How do you use the word smog in a sentence?

Smog means a combination of smoke and fog. It's pollution. Here are some sentences.The smog is really bad today.Large cities have more smog than smaller ones.The street was obscured by heavy smog.i couldn't see well because of the smog.Los Angeles is famous for smog.Smog is a combined form of the words 'smoke' and 'fog'. I don't like smog.Sometimes the smog has a stronger smell.

What has been done to solve the issue of smog pollution?

smog was an issue that got so bad that in the 1950 and 1960 people died from breathing it. ( London England ) To reduce smog the American government brought in anti pollution regulations. Some of the most significant and noticeable govern the pollution output of automobiles.

Does smog cause pollution?

smog is pollution.

How do you use smog in a sentence?

You see L.A. when the smog goes away. The smog is becoming unbearable.

Is smog a pure substance or a mixture?

smog is a mixture

Smog in a sentence?

I need to have the smog on my car checked.

What area is affected by smog?

cities are affected by smog

Is smog an element or a compound?

Neither. Smog is a mixture.

What part of speech is the word smog?

Smog is a noun.

What is smog formed?

Smog is a mixture of smoke and fog.

What is an example sentence using the word smog?

The area's smog usually returns within a couple of days.

Is smog a part of pollution?

Yes. California has a lot of smog.

What are the effects of smog?

smog can effect the lungs very badly

Where does smog go?

Smog is released to the o zone layer.

What is the antonym for the word smog?

1 antonym of smog is clearness.

What is the difference between pollution and smog?

smog is the result of pollution

How many syllables are in smog?

The word smog has one syllable.

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