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emerald isle

the outer banks


oak island

holden beach


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Q: What beach is in North Carolina?
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What is the distance from wilmington North Carolina to Carolina beach North Carolina?

About 14 miles.

What is the distance from asheville North Carolina to mrytle beach North Carolina?

I'm not sure of the exact distance but i do know that Myrtle beach is in South Carolina and ashville is in the mountains of North Carolina.

What is the distance between Raleigh North Carolina and Carolina Beach North Carolina?

140 miles.

What is the longest beach in North Carolina?

topsail beach NC

Where was black knight filmed?

Carolina Beach, North Carolina, USA

What is the Distance from north Myrtle Beach South Carolina to Wilmington North Carolina?

About 56 miles.

Is North myrtle beach or nags head closer to Raleigh NC?

There is a distance of 183.3 miles between Myrtle Beach South Carolina and Raleigh North Carolina. There is a distance of 197.8 miles between Nags Head North Carolina and Raleigh North Carolina. This makes Myrtle Beach in South Carolina closer to Raleigh.

What is the population of Carolina Beach NC?

According to, the 2007 ACS population estimate for Carolina Beach, North Carolina, is 5,883.

What is South Carolina better than North Carolina and Georgia?

Because South Carolina has a beach and North Carolina and Georgia don`t

How far is it from Atlanta Ga to Myrtle Beach North Carolina?

Trick question. Myrtle Beach is in South Carolina.

What is the best beach in North Carolina?

One of the best beaches in North Carolina would be the Carova Beach. This beach is a carefree beach with little distractions. With unpaved roads and a gentle feel to the ocean, you are sure to enjoy it.

Where do the beach boys live?

Corolla North Carolina

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