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What bearing are needed for rebuilding the Chevy 350?


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2009-09-09 01:24:47

Cam bearings, Rod and Main bearings.

That will be all of the bearings required to replace when rebuilding a 350 engine.


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.002" is what I have on a fresh rebuild.

you have to remove transmission to take out and replace throwout bearing

Main bearing torque on 98 Chevy 350 4 bolt main?? The main bearing caps should be torqued to 70 ft. lbs.

Make sure the hole in the bearing is aligned with the hole in the block. Use a cam bearing installation tool to get the bearing straight.

Your cam bearings should be numbered in a particular order

1967, 2 bolt main bearing, small crank wrong way

Oil clearence is .0008--.0015 and # 2 and 4 mains are .0011--.0023

Sounds like a rod bearing. Time for a rebuild job.

if its a loud knock from the bottom end, DO NOT run the engine, it is likely a spun bearing; have a professional look at it

65 ft. lbs. On four bolt caps, tighten the outers to 70.

rebuilding auto transmissions is not easy. there are books you can buy that can walk you through it. however there are several special tools you would need to do this job on your own.

It should only be needed for the end rails.

what year is my 350 chevy engine K1201KRH

The Firing order for a Chevy 350 is 18436572.

NO. And it won't work in the place of the 97 350 vortec.

The notches for the bearings to lock from spinning are both on the same side.

id take the rocket my self it has a little more power than the Chevy 350

how do i doa Valve adjustments for a Chevy 350 5.7l?

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