Wasps and Hornets
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What bees are in danger?

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hornets wasps and yellow jackets

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by there color black and yellow, it means danger

Bees usually sense danger with their instincts, like most animals

YES bees will sting while with the queen because they think they are in danger

Cane toads pose no danger to blue banded bees.

They punch then electrical shock until you you die

Of course they can, but the larger danger is that bees if attacking a cow or horse will be attracted to the mouth and nose and suffocate the animal.

Bees are very territorial creatures. Their main job is to protect the nest and the queen. If they feel either are in danger, they will attack.

A white tail bumblebee does have a stinger and will sting humans or other animals when it feels you are a danger to it. These bees also have a short tongue when compared to other bees.

bees' adaptations are that they female bumble bees have a barbed stinger if in danger and fur to gather more pollen

Bees will return to their hives once it starts getting dark outside. They will stay there unless they sense danger.

Wasps and bees are black and yellow because these colours are considered to be associated with danger, which informs other animals that they may attack if harmed.

Honey bees are protected in the state of Illinois. The state of Illinois works with beekeepers to protect honey bees from exposure to pesticides that may harm them or cause their existence to be in danger.

Worker bees make honey and protect the hive from danger.

Probably not, there wouldn't be sufficient food for them. However, the threat is probably the other way: it is the bees that are in more danger than the flowers.

Yes, bees have poison in their stingers, but it is not very much. It hardley has any effect on a human (unless you are allergic to the bees poison) the poison in the bees stingers only forms a hive around the sting. The main reason for them is to defend themselves or their hive if they sense potential danger.

If you feel as though when you kill one bee more will come, you are probably right. Bees release a pheromone that alerts other hive members of possible danger that is present. The other bees will move into attack mode when this happens.

Silk worms are not poisonous. Like bees, they have been domesticated by humans and are not a danger to people or animals.

Back to the bees, they are mentioned four times in the Bible and once in the Quran.Bees in the BibleDanger of their attacksThe Bible is talking about the danger of the attacks by beesDeuteronomy 1:44"And the Amorites who dwelt in that mountain came out against you and chased you as bees do, and drove you back from Seir to Hormah."Psalm 118:12"They surrounded me like bees; They were quenched like a fire of thorns; For in the name of the LORD I will destroy them."Could bees live in a cadaver?It is something very interesting to know that the Bible says that the bees established their colonies inside a cadaver of a lion and made honey.Judges 14:8"After some time, when he returned to get her, he turned aside to see the carcass of the lion. And behold, a swarm of bees and honey were in the carcass of the lion."As far as I know, bees NEVER do that and never make their colonies inside a cadaver of any animal. We know that bees are very clean and can not live inside a putrefied cadaver.Source: See related links.

Oh absolutely yes!Without bees (specifically Honey Bees), there won't be as many plants in the world. And, there will be no more honey or beeswax. Also, they provide food for the birds. However, you can kill wasps. They just build nests and terrorize people. They have no help to the plants in the environment.

The collective nouns for a group of bees are:a bike of beesa charm of beesa cluster of beesan erst of beesa game of beesa grist of beesa hive of beesa hum of beesa nest of beesa rabble of beesa swarm of bees

Not usually. When bees are about to swarm they will gorge on honey until they can eat no more. This makes them even more docile than usual. Bees don't attack people: they will only sting in retaliation to a perceived threat to themselves or the colony in general.

Yes, mason bees sting if they are female even though no, they do not if they are male. Female mason bees sting, less painfully than honey bee or wasp stings, only if they're in serious danger, such as being trapped in clothing or getting purposely caught in the hand. Male mason bees have male genitalia instead of an ovipositor, and therefore they cannot sting.

They are shipped with a small amount of sugar paste as food, and with this can survive for a week or more. Their biggest danger is careless handling by the shippers.

The collective nouns for bees are:a bike of beesa charm of beesa cluster of beesan erst of beesa game of beesa grist of beesa hive of beesa hum of beesa nest of beesa rabble of beesa swarm of beesThe collective nouns for bells are:a peal of bellsa carillon of bellsa change of bells

The general collective noun for insects is a swarm of insects.The specific collective nouns for bees are:a bike of beesa charm of beesa cluster of beesa drift of beesa game of beesa grist of beesa hive of beesa hum of beesa rabble of beesa stand of bees

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