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Q: What best describes earths south magnetic field?
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Can the earths magnetic field move?

Yes it can reverse from North to South

Why do scientists think that earths' magnetic field has not always pointed north?

Every 100,000 years or so, the Earths magnetic field shifts direction. North becomes south, south becomes north.

What do scientist not know about earths magnetic field?

When the north pole becomes the south pole.

How does earths magnetic field change over time?

It changes over time through direction and strength. So therefore Magnetic North becomes Magnetic South.

Is the earths magnetic field constant throghout?

No, the Earth's Magnetic Field acts just like a BAR Magnetic. It has a North and South Pole and its magnetic lines of its force field are more tightly 'compressed' near the Poles than at the Equator. See the image below for an example, or Google "magnetic field lines".

What causes the poles to be slightly off the true North and South poles?

The Earths magnetic field is always shifting

What causes the part of earths magnetic field called the magnetosphere to exist?

Earth's magnetic field (and the surface magnetic field) is approximately a magnetic dipole, with one pole near the north pole and the other near the geographic south pole. The Inner Van Allen Belt & Outer Van Allen Belt cause the magnetic field.

Does the magnetic field go from north to south or south to north?

The direction of a magnetic field is defined by the direction in which a compass needle will point when placed within that field -that is, from north to south.

What magnet use in the compass?

non the compass uses the earths magnetic field that is why the north pole and south pole is the most important directions because the north and south pole have the most highest magnetic feilds

Switch in direction of earths magnetic north and south poles?

Magnetic Reversal

What is happening to earths magnetic field?

In early 2014, scientists have discovered that the Earth's magnetic field has been weakening for some time. This could eventually lead to the switching of the Earth's magnetic poles.

Is the magnetic pole near the Earths true North Pole a magnetic south pole or a magnetic north pole?

Earths geographic North Pole is also currently a magnetic north pole. This is however not always the case because over geological time scales the Earth's magnetic poles flip as a result of changes of flow in Earth's molten core which produces Earth's magnetic field.