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Q: What best explains why the biosphere is a key component of Earth's systems?
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What extends from inside earths crust to the lower atmosphere?


What is earths biosphere made of?


Earths four main systems are independent of one another?

earths core consists of an outer, liquid part and an inner, solid part? true or false

What is Earths biosphere is?

living organisms - study island answer (:

How are the four components of the earths systems connected?

How are the four component systems of the earth system connected? The four components of the earth system, the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere, are connected through energy flows and matter cycling, driven by energy from the sun. Internal heat energy does contribute to the formation of some landforms, including volcanoes, but its effect is minimal compared to that of the sun.

What is the surface layer of the earths surface is known as the?

The "crust" or biosphere

What are earths 3 main spheres?

the biosphere, the atmosphere, and the geosphere

Earths natural insulating blanket is the biosphere true or false?


What harm can pollution do?

It can damage the earths atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere

What is a seal glassed dome that has all of earths features called?

A biosphere.

What are earths four major sheres?

hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and geosphere

What forms the biosphere?

Depends on which direction you are going in of course. If you are going upwards then when the biosphere expires you still in the atmosphere. If you are going downwards then when the biosphere expires you are still in the lithosphere.