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Every year you should change the oil, grease all the joints, and add fuel stabilizer before you store it for the winter.

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Vehicle maintenance should be a?

responsibility of the driver/owner and performed on a regular basis.

What kind of land should you bike on?

The kind where the land owner has given you permission to ride...

Maintenance of Honda stunner bike?

what average give stunner bike

How can you find the motor bike owner name detail?

trace the owner name of the bike by its number ap09cd9983

Which bike is best for average style maintenance for a college student?

a track bike, or a bike with internal hub gears.

What questions should I ask the owner of a used motorbike I am considering buying?

Ask if the bike has ever been in an accident, and whether or not any repairs were done on it. Find out how long the owner has had it, and whether it's been stored inside or outside, so that you'll know if it's been exposed to bad weather and climates. Find out if the owner regularly took it in for tune-ups and maintenance.

How do you verify bike owner by bike's registration number?

Bike can be registered at the police department. Verify the bike owner by taking the registration number to the police. The police department will have the owners information if they registered the bike.

What should you do if you are the primary owner of a motorcycle and have transferred the title to another party but your ex refuses to relinquish the bike?

== Primary, not sole?== Implicit in the question is that you were not the sole owner. If you were, then your ex had no right to maintain possession of the bike, since you would have had the sole right to sell it. If you were the sole owner, you may have to sue him or her for it.

Who is responsible for maintenance of private road?

The owner.

How do you get the bike in pokemon diamond?

To get a bike, you have to rescue the bike shop owner from the galactic building in Eterna city. Then, go to his bike shop and he will give you a free bike.

How do you find what dirt bike is right for you?

I want phone number of this bike owner tn37bj0871?

What does a motocross rider do?

Ride, provide maintenance for bike and train.

Who is liable for a minor driving a racing quad bike on private land with owner of bike but minor ends up seriously hurt?

The Bike Owner is Liable if he allowed the minor to operate the bike unknown to the parent.The Parent is Liable if the parent was aware and allowed the minor child to operate the bike.The Owner of the land is Not Liable unless you could show that he caused the injuries..

How do you get to the bike shop in Pokemon HeartGold?

The Bike Shop is located in Goldenrod City. You will be given a bike by the owner for free, "for use as advertisement." You keep the bike for the rest of the game.

Does homeowners insurance cover rat damage?

Pest control is a maintenance issue and the responsibility of the home owner. Your homeowner's insurance policy does not cover maintenance issue. Every home owner knows that maintenance issues never stop. Sorry.

Pokemon platinum how to get a bike?

You gain it in Eterna City after saving the owner of the Bike Shop in the Galactic Building.

How do you increase mileage on a harleydavidson?

driving speed of motorcycle should be around 50-60km/hr,proper maintenance of bike,regular service and check up of ur bike will help u to improve bikes mileage..

Where is the bike trail in Pokemon diamond?

The bike road is between eterna city and oreburg city. to get a bike, you have to rescue the bike shop owner from team galactic, and visit his shop.

Why should you get a bike license?

You should get a bike license if you ride a bike and don't want a citation.

How do you get a bike on pokemon soulsilver?

The bike shop in the southeast corner of Goldenrod City. The owner will give you one for free.

Where i find in Pokemon pearl the bike loop?

The bike road is between eterna city and oreburg city. to get a bike, you have to rescue the bike shop owner from team galactic, and visit his shop.

Were do you get a bike on poke mon FireRed?

go to vermillion, talk to the chairman and get a Bike Voucher, go back to cearelean and go to the bike shop, talk to the owner and he'll give you a bike

What are some key questions to ask when buying a motorcycle?

The question is vague, but if you are asking the questions to a seller of the bike, then use these: 1. Did you buy the bike new? 2. How long have you had your license? 3. Have you ever dropped it? 4. Are you good at stunning bikes, and doing tricks? 5. In terms of maintenance, what schedule have you followed and for what aspects of the maintenance? Who performs the maintenance? 6. Where do you store the bike? 7. So... why are you selling the bike? 8. is it stolen? 9. does it work? 10. will it break when i leave? 11. can you take a photo of me on the bike to see how i look?

How do you get the bike on Pokemon diamond?

You have to beat the Eterna City gym leader and get cut and fee the bike owner from team galactics building and go to the bike shop

How do you change your bike in emerald?

You go to Mauville and go into the bike shop and talk to the owner. Then he will ask you if you want to change bikes then say yes and you will have the other bike.

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