What biome covers most of the earth?


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The ocean is the earth's largest biome. It covers about 75% of the earth's surface.

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For land, it's the taiga, but the marine biome covers 75% of the earth, so...

The Savanna biome covers about 10% of the Earth out of all biomes.

Ocean - A biome that covers more than 75% of earth surface.

These are characteristics of the tundra biome. There is very little life in the tundra, but it covers large portions of Canada and Russia, making it a biome that covers a lot of the earth.

The tropical forest covers most of the land.

A rainforest biome is where most pepper grow in. This type of biome roughly covers around 7% of the Earth's surface.

Water covers 70+% of the Earth.

Oceans and other water features cover about 3/4ths of the earth.

Seriously, you need to study.

The terrestrial biome that covers the most land area is the taiga. It covers most of Canada and Russia, the world's two largest countries.

tropical trainforest...over 15 million species of plants and animals live within this biome

sedimentary rocks covers the earth the pretty sure c:

No, water covers most of the earth.

I would assume that Canada is mostly covered in evergreens, so the biome would be taiga. Also, in the more northerly latitudes one would expect the biome to be tundra.

The freshwater biome covers only 0.8% of the total water on this Earth, yet the water which makes up this biome are distributed unevenly throughout the globe. As a result the climate of these Biomes is greatly diverse depending on the region.

The Savannah biome covers about 10% of the world

How much of the earth is coverd with the savanna biome

Water is the main landform that covers most of the earth. The earth is almost over 70% water and the human body is made up of almost 50-65% water.

In my humble opinion, I think it covers the WHOLE earth

The ocean covers up 71% of the earth. 97% of the earth is water.

The most diverse biome on Earth is the rainforest. The amazon biome is most diverse among all of the rainforests. New species continue to be found. Between 2010 and 2013 as many as 441 new species were found.

The ocean biome because it covers so much of the earths surface and it is a 3D habitat; creatures live miles above and below each other, while land creatures are all living on top of the surface of the earth. Very few creature(in comparison) can survive underground.

it covers aprx half the world.

The biome you are going to visit is the tropical rainforest. - plato :)

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