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yes I agree with you penguins ๐Ÿง swim fast ๐Ÿ’จ

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A penguin can swim as fast as a seal

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Q: What bird can swim as fast as a seal?
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How fast can a northern fur seal swim?

how fast do northern fur seal swim

How fast can a seal swim?

A seal can swim up to 25 miles per hour.

How fast can a leopard seal swim?

it can swim up to 22 mph

How fast does a gray seal swim?

the gray seal swims 50mph

How fast on average can a seal swim?

about 10 mph.

How does A seal's fin help them swim?

it help seal swim faster

When does a baby seal learn to swim?

yes the seal knows how to swim at birth

How fast does a squid swim?

=How fast does a squid swim?==they can swim really fast=

How fast can king penguins swim?

On average, king penguins can swim at 15 miles per hour. King penguins can swim faster than any other bird.

Can a seal swim?


How fast can a beaver swim?

how fast can beaver swim

How fast do blob fish swim?

how fast do blobfish swim

What bird is on the great seal?

The bird on the Great Seal of the United States is a bald eagle.

Yes or no do Bird have swim bladder?

no,they do not need a swim bladder as they do not swim...

How do swordfish swim?

they swim fast

Can a bird swim?

I know yo mama can swim!

Can Bird swim?

I know yo mama can swim!

How fast does a swordfish swim?

as fast as a cheetah can run

Do stingrays swim fast?

Yes, actually they can swim pretty fast

How fast do white bass swim?

how fast do white seabass swim

Is the seal a bird?

No. The seal is an ocean animal, and it is a mammal.

How fast do cheetahs swim?

I am not sure how fast they swim, but my guess is very fast!! And they can swim if they need to, but don't particularly like too!!

How fast can loggerhead sea turtles swim?

they swim very fast i dont know how fast

How fast can tuna swim?


How fast do carp swim?