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it can swim as fast as a jet

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Q: How fast can a black tip reef shark swim?
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How fast can a white tip reef shark swim?

it can swim 100 ft an hour.

What is a reef shark behaviour?

they actually just hunt, eat and swim

How fast could a shark swim?

very fast

IS the Caribbean Reef Shark endangered?

yes it is extremely dangerous

How fast can a basking shark swim?

The basking shark can swim up to 4-6 miles per hour. They generally do not swim fast unless they are hunting prey.

What are some fun games that can be played in swimming pools?

You can play Black Shark or Marco Polo. Black Shark is the best because you have to swim fast to win so it is good exercise too.

How fast can a milk shark swim?


How fast can a shark swim on land?

56 hours

How fast can a hammerhead shark swim in mph?

25 mph

How fast does a nurse shark swim?

2 miles

How do sharks catch their prey in the coral reef?

They hunt then they go fast and deep then they go up and jump for it or swim fast and get it

How do wobble gong sharks survive in their habitat?

how fast can the wobblegong shark swim