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Sorry, do not know and do not have the correct answer for you.

Recently, though, my brother photographed an Eagle reminding of

a bald-headed on the Pacific coast in Canada.

This bird has a RED beak also...

We are puzzled also and looking for answers as well.

R M.

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Q: What bird seen in Michigan has a golden beak and all black feathers?
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What baby bird has black feathers and beak in the U.S?

a crow

What is the physical description of a cardinal?

Cardinals have red feathers, a yellow beak, black claws, a black mask-like thing of feathers around their eyes, and... that's it.

What color is Thunderbird?

It is black yellow and purple in its feathers. Plus it has a yellow- orange beak

What kind of baby bird has yellow and black feathers totally black beak and fits into your hand and is local to south Africa?

Your asss crack jajajajajaja

What bird that can be found in Maine is solid gray with a white belly and neck with black beak and eyes and longish tail feathers?

A pelican

What color is a road runner?

Their feathers are mostly brown, with white tips. Tail feathers are black and brown. Legs and feet are white. Often they have a spot of orange/red behind the eye. Eye colour is black. Beak colour is grey to black.

What do all birds have?


What are the charateristics of a bird?

Feathers, beak, wings, claws.

What has a beak longneck feathers no wings and can fly?

a arrow

What do Duck look like?

they have a beak and feathers look at

What bird in the pacific northwest is black with a red beak?

If they have sleek, jet black feathers, a fiercely red beak, bright eyes and they emit cute peeps constantly, then you ware probably looking at an Oystercatcher. A very common seabird.

What bird has a black head red beak and red body?

Its a Northern Cardinal with a parasite problem. The parasite results in a loss of feathers around the head, giving it the apperance of a black head.