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  • The two AB parents could have any of an A, B or AB, but not O.
  • The two A parents could have either A or O children, but not B or AB.
  • The two B parents could have either B or O children, but not A or AB.
  • The two O parents could only have O children; they cannot have have A, B or AB.
  • If both parents have rhesus-negative blood, so will their children. If both have positive, the child might be either.
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Q: What blood type will a baby have if the parents both have the same blood type?
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If both parents have a blood type of O positive will the baby have the same blood type?

The baby can have either O- or O+ blood type.

Is there any harm to a baby if parents have same blood type?


Can two parents both with O positive Have an O negative baby?

Yes, blood type is, within reason, random. It's most likely that the baby will be of the same blood type but I don't think it's definite.

Are daughter and father blood types the same?

It depends on both parents blood groups!

If both parents have a blood type of A - will the Children have the same blood type?

their blood type will be purple

Should children have same blood type as parents?

No. Often a child can have a completely different blood type from their parents or even the same. It really depends on their genetics.Some combinations of parents are unable to get children with certain blood types - assuming no mutations occur.Regarding the AB0-system:If both parents have blood type 0, all their children will have blood type 0.If both parents have blood type A, no children will have blood type B or AB.If both parents have blood type B, no children will have blood type A or AB.If both parents have blood type AB, no children will have blood type 0.Of course you can be more specific if you know the parents' genes.

Can a baby have a different type of blood from the same parents?

No. A kid has to have the bloodtype of its mother or father.

What is the meaning of the term fullblood?

If you were breeding animals, full-blood means that both parents are of the same breed. "He's a full-blood Arabian stallion" means that both his parents are Arabians. "She's a full-blood dachshund" means that both of her parents are dachshunds. For people who like to think of human beings as the same as animals, similar remarks can be made about people whose parents are the same breed or race.

If male has type a and female has type ab what are the possible blood types of their offspring?

The blood type will be the same as one of the parents or a combination, so A or AB. If the parents both have the same Rh factor (+ or -) the baby will have that factor, else it could also be either. The risky situation at birth is where the baby's Rh factor is not the same as the mother's.

Would siblings who share the same mother and father have the same blood type?

Not necessarily since blood type is a result of inherited genes from both parents and a sibling can have a different set of blood genotypes from these parents.

If both parents have green eyes what will the baby have?

Probably blue or green. They're both caused by the same gene.

Does a baby boy have to have the same blood type as his father?

No, not necessarily. If the father has blood type a negative the son has a 1 eighth of getting the same. my parents have blood type a positive, but i have b negative.

If both parents have light brown eyes what colour eyes will the baby have?

Probably the same. Depends on what the parents carry as a recessive gene.

You have 4 daughters one of them has different blood group to the other 3 is this possible with the same parents?

Yes; the child receives a random blood allele from both parents, so unless both parents are type O, AA, or BB, the children can have different blood types

If both parents have the same blood type will there be complications?

No. This has no bearing on any health related concerns.

Will a child be negatively affected if both parents have the same blood type?

there is no relation between child personality and life with types of blood either they are the same or different.

O positive parents and a positive child?

Theres chances that a couples baby may get the same blood group. They dont have to be different blood groups.

If the father is one bloodtype will the baby be the same?

Not necessarily. A child's bloodtype depends on both of their parents' types.

Can a couple have healthy baby if they have same blood group b plus?

I'm pretty sure since you both have the same blood type the baby should be fine. All of mine were and I have O+ and the father is B+

If mother is A positive and dad is A positive what is the child's blood type?

It all depends on what the recessive gene of both parents are. With type A blood, you can have a recessive a or o. Technically, the parents blood type would be Aa or Ao. Depending on which each of them have, the only possibilities of the child's blood type would be A or O. The only way for the child to have O blood is if both parents carry the o recessive and the child gets an O from both parents. A child gets one gene from each parent, one of which will be dominate and the other recessive. The exception being, if the parents had B and A, or one had AB and the other had A or B, the baby could have AB blood, in which case, there is no recessive gene, as both AB are equal. The same holds true with positive and negative blood types. A person with positive blood can still have a negative recessive gene and pass it along, so I child whose parents are both positive can still have negative blood.

What colour eyes would a baby have if both parents have green eyes?

Most likely green or blue. They are both caused by the same gene.

What color eyes will baby have when both parents have green eyes?

Probably either blue or green. They're both caused by the same gene.

When a baby is born in the state of Texas do both parents have the same rights even if their not married?

No see link below

What blood type will child have if both parents are o negative?

If both parents are O negative than the child will also be O negative. This is a special case with O negative, the same logic doesn't apply to other blood groups.

Can child be A positive if both parents are O positive?

yes. even though me and my 4 brothers look alike only 2 of us share the same blood group and both our parents are a-