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The limbs, the arms and the legs.

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Q: What body areas are in the appendicular region?
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Is the inguinal part of the appendicular body region?

No, the inguinal is part of the appendicular region, it is part of the axial region.

What body parts are found at the appendicular region of the frog's body?


Is the axillary part of the axial body region?

no the axillary is part of the appendicular region.

Is the pubic region axial or appendicular?


Is axillary axial or appendicular?

axail pertains to the scull and vertibral collumn, appendicular pertains to the appendages (i.e. arms and legs) starting where they meet the vertibral collumn. the axillary (or armpit region) is in the appendicular region.

Does the appendicular skeleton support your body?


What region of the body does the head the neck and trunk belong to?

There are 3 regions of the body: Appendicular, Trunk, and Head and Neck Therefore the head and neck is actually its own section.

What is the sural part of the appendicular skeleton?

The sural part of the appendicular skeleton would be referring to the sural region. This is located on the calf, not the shin, but the calf. The calf is part of the leg, and the leg is part of the appendicular skeleton.

Arms and legs are what portion of the body?


Where in the human body can you find the humerus?

Appendicular skeleton

How many bones are found in the axial and appendicular skeleton?

126 in the appendicular 80 in the axial 206 in the whole adult body

What parts of the body make up the appendicular skeleton?


Why is the abdominal region of the body more vulnerable to damage than other areas?

The abdominal region of the body has less bony protection than other areas, and its thus more vulnerable to damage.

What is the head neck and trunk referred to in general surface anatomy?

The axial region. The limbs are the appendicular.

Is the pubic axial or appendicular?


What is the function of the appendicular skeleton?

the appendicular skeleton is to help the body move around mostly used in your arms and legsThey are the arms and legs and are used for external mobility.

What is the appendicular part of the body?

Shoulders, arms, hips, legs - 126 bones

What does the axial and appendicular have in common?

They combine to make the 206 bones of the human body.

Is the main role of the appendicular skeleton to protect and support body parts?


Is calcaneus part of appendicular skeleton?


How many bones are there in your body what is the answer?

There are 206 bones in the human body and two systems--the axialskeleton (trunk) and appendicular--(our limbs.)

Are the feet part of the axial or appendicular skeleton?


What division of the body is necessary for supporting life axial superficial appendicular or appendage?


What does the appendicular skeleton consist of?

the appendicular skeleton consists of 126 bones in the body. the most recognized being the arms and legs; ulna, radius, humerus, carcels, metecarcels, phalanges, shoulder gurdal, plevic gurdal, femur, tidia, fibia, tarcels, metetarcels, these are just a few that make the 126 appendicular bones in the body

Is ischium part of the axial skeleton or the appendicular skeleton?