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It does actually become a body cavity, it becomes the digestive tract; the tube that passes through the body from mouth to anus.

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The ventral cavity of the body arises during development from a space called the?

peritoneal cavity.

What body cavity is not part of the dorsal cavity?

Ventral body cavity

What is the body cavity of protist?

Protists do not have a body cavity.

Which body cavities are part of the ventral body cavity?

Thoracic Cavity and Abdominopelvic Cavity

Which body cavity contains the stomach?

The body cavity that contains the stomach is the abdominal cavity.

Which body cavity is the most protective body cavity?

The cranium, or superior dorsal cavity, is the most protective body cavity completely enclosing the brain.

The abdominopelvic and thoracic cavities are subdivisions of what body cavities?

Major: Dorsal Body Cavity & Ventral Body Cavity Subdivision of Dorsal: cranial cavity & vertebral cavity Subdivision of Ventral: Thoracic Cavity, Abdominopelvic Cavity, Abdominal Cavity, Pelvic Cavity

What body cavity is the spinal cavity?

The dorsal cavity.

Which body cavity means belly?

Ventral body cavity

What type of body cavity does the octopus have?

they have an open body cavity.

What type of body cavity does a jellyfish have?

It lacks body cavity .

Does a sponge have a body cavity?

Yes, a sponge has a very big body cavity and there are many organs inside its body cavity

What body cavity would the mediastinum be located?

The mediastinum (the space between the lungs) is located in the thoracic body cavity. The thoracic cavity is part of the ventral body cavity.

Which cavity of the body is bigger?

The abdominal cavity is the largest cavity.

What body cavity protects the organs of reproduction?

The body cavity that protects the organs of reproduction is the Pelvic cavity.

Compare the body cavity of frog and man?

The body cavity of a frog is much larger in ratio to its body than a man's body cavity is. A frog's body cavity is also much more condensed than a man's.

Do Reptiles have a body cavity or coelom?

Yes , Reptiles have a body cavity .

What part of the body is the body cavity reproductive organs are in?

pelvic cavity

What is the name of the internal body cavity of an earthworm?

the internal body cavity

What body cavity are the lungs located in?

The lungs are located in the thoracic body cavity which is a division of the ventral cavity.Thoracic

In what body cavity is the thymus located?

chest cavity (Laryngeal cavity)

The brain and the spinal cavity are located in what body cavity?

cranial cavity

What body cavity is the trachea in?

the thoracic cavity

What body cavity is the lungs in?

The thoracic cavity.

What the body cavity for brain?

cranial cavity