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it connects the kidney to the bladder which connects to the digestive system!

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How does the ureter organ work with other organs?

The ureters work to transfer excreted urine from the kidneys into the urinary bladder.

How is the human body organized?

The human body is made of organs. Certain organs work together to form systems. We each have a respiratory and a Circulatory system, Digestive system and Excretory System.

What is the human respiratory system?

The respiratory system is the group of organs in the human body which work together to make you breathe.

What organs does the bladder work with?

The organ the bladder works with is the ureter organ because it does bye tayla h.

What is a human organ?

A human organ is tissues put together to form organs and organs work its own jobs in the human body. If you gave me a more specific question I could answer it more specificly.

What is the definition of organ in the human body?

Organs are groups of tissues which work together to achieve a function.

Is it possible to plastic surgery having wolf ears and claws that work?

It is impossible the do the plastic surgery on human and put wolf ears and claws that work. Human body will definitely reject the organs as foreign organs.

Can organs be transplanted by other animals?

No because the genetic structure is different and wont work in the human body.

What transmits impulses from body organs to cns?

The nervous system is from the body organs. This is what makes your body work.

How do the organs of the skeletal system work together?

The human body only has one skeletal system, so it doesn't have another to work with. It works with other body systems, though.

What tissues do the work in your body?

the tissues in your body that perform all the work are organs

How does the ureter work?

ureter deliver the urine to the bladder for storage and secretion

How does the human skeleton work?

it the framework of your body. it holds the shape and protects vital organs from harm. The skeleton lets you do everyday things.

What are body systems?

Body systems are groups of organs that work together.

How do human body organs work?

This is a very broad question; in fact, how the body works is an entire study on its own: physiology. I would recommend that you take out a human physiology textbook from a library or visit human physiology websites on the internet to get a more comprehensive answer

What is the relationship between cells tissues organs and body systems in a human body?

Cells make up tissues. Two or more types of tissue make up an organ. Several organs together that work toward a common purpose is a body, or organ, system.

In the body of a human or other complex organism a group of similar functions is called?

In the body, there are many organs, and a number of them work in tandem to do certain things. These organs work together to form what's known as a system. Examples of systems include the respiratory system, the circulatory system, and the digestive system.

What are the levels of organization in the human body and how do they relate to each other?

Cells, which work together as Tissues, which work together as Organs, which work together as organ systems, which work together to perform all of the bodies functions.

How are cells and tissues and organs and body systems related?

Theya are related because groups of cells that work together form tissues, different tissues work together to form organs, and different organs work together to form body systems.

What organs does the brain work with?

Your brain works with all of the organs in your body, without your brain you would be nothing

What organs work together in the body?

All must work in concert for optimal health.

How does your organs work with other systems to keep the body working?

How does your organ work with other systems to keep the body healthy

How many cells tissue and organ work together in the human body?

All of them, as long as you're alive. The human body consists of trillions of cells organized into several organs and systems such as head, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, torso, hips, thigh, Knee, ankle, foot, fingers etc. Head, arms, legs and torso also have several internal and external organs in each. The systems at work are- Respiratory, circulatory, endocrine, digestive, nervous, skeleton and reproductive etc. All these systems work together to make human body alive.

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