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Q: What body system is affected bythe sed rate ESR?
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What body systems are affected when heart rate increases?

Cardiovascular system

What two systems of the body would be affected by increasing pulse rate?

I believe it's the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.

How would the body's metabolic rate be affected if there were no enzymes?

If there were no enzymes, the body's metabolic rate would be affected by drastically slowing it down. Digestion would be incomplete.

How is the Cardiovascular system affected by exercise?

blood pressure rises heart rate rises body temperature rises causing sweat

What body system controls your breathing rate?

The nervous system controls breathing rate.

What body system is used with heart rate?

respitory system

What body system is pulse rate be in?

The pulse rate is actually the number of times your heart pumps blood out to the body. SSOOOOOO pulse rate be's in the Cardiovascular System.

What is body temperature affected by?

Sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, body core temperature and hormone flow.

Is APR the same as rate?

Which of the following best explains how the invention of money affected the boys are in system

Which body system controls the rate at which the circulatory and respiratory work?

The nervous system controls the rate of the heartbeat and respiration.

What body system controls heart rate and breath rate?

The nervous system controls heart and respiratory rates.

Which Nervous system prepares the body for emergencies and stress by increasing the breathing rate heart rate and blood flow to muscles?

Sympathetic Nervous System

What two body systems work together during increase pulse rate?

respiratory system and circulatory system

Rate of dissulution is not affected by what?

It is not affected by the agitation of solute within the solvent.

When does the nervous system tells the body to decrease its heart rate?

When the heart rate is too high, e.g. after exercise when you start to rest.

What system in the body controls automatic actions like heart rate and blood pressure?

Nervous system, with the help of endocrine.

How does the digestive system and the nervous system connect in the body?

The nervous system controls your appetite (tells you if you need to eat), and the endocrine system controls your metabolism rate.

Does the respiratory system help control pH of body fluids?

Yes, the respiratory system helps control the pH of body fluids by adjusting the rate at which CO2 is expelled.

Which body system is effected by the removal of the throid gland?

Removal of thyroid gland does not affect single body system. Thyroid gland regulates basal metabolic rate.

What aspect of a chemical reaction is affected by enzymes?

The reaction rate is affected by enzymes.

What affect do concentration changes have on the reaction rate?

The rate is affected by concentration changes have on the reaction rate.

Would it be better to adjust heart rate or blood vessel diameter in order to increase blood flow to only one particular body system?

Lets look at this systematically. Since only one part of the body is being affected, it would make sense to only adjust that particular system. If you adjust the heart, that affects the ENTIRE circulatory system which may be problematic.

Is heart rate affected by sound?

no it isnt

What body system helps control the actions of when your heart begins to pound and your breathing becomes rapid?

The nervous system controls heart rate and respiratory rate. It may be influenced by the endocrine system as well. A rapid heart and breathing rate are typical results of activation of the sympathetic nervous system.

Heartbeat is governed by what body system?

Heart muscles has there own rhythm of contraction. The sinoatrial node has the fastest rate of contraction. That is why it governs the rhythm of the heart. You have the control of the autonomic nervous system over the heart rate. Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system increase the heart rate. Stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system decrease the heart rate.