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the third book, Eclipse.

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In the book "Eclipse" by Stephenie Meyer, Bella breaks her hand while trying to slap Jacob for kissing her.

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Q: What book does Bella break her hand?
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In the movie twilight did James break Bella leg with his hand or foot at the ballet studio?

With his hand.

In the book twilight why does Bella decide to break her promise?

Bella does not break a promise but in New MOON SHE DOES becasue she craves Edward and she refuses to let go

How does Bella break her hand?

By punching Jacob Black, the werewolf, in the face because he kissed her.

What hand does Bella have her St Jude's bracelet on in Twilight?

In the book "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer, Bella wears her St. Jude's bracelet on her right hand.

When Bella enters Edwards house what does Emmett have in his hand?

Where in the book like what page

Where did Bella punch Jacob and What part of the body did she break?

She punched Jacob in the face, and broke her hand.

What book in The Twilight Saga did Bella hurt her hand?

Eclipse, the third one, when she punshes Jacob

When do Bella break the bed?

bella, doesn't break the bed. eward does. its during their honeymoon

Which book is that Bella in twilight has?

Bella has the book wuthering heights

What did Jacob do that made Bella mad?

In New Moon, Jacob surprisingly kissed Bella against her will, making her punch him and break her hand and getting herself and Edward upset; yet Charlie seemed pleased.

Does it mention when Bella tries to turn down the heat in edward's car in the twilight book?

No it doesn't --pretty sure it does in the movie, but not the book-- In Stephenie Meyer's version, Bella never tries to turn down the heat in Edward's car; she touches his hand and feels how cold it is in Chapter 2: Open Book, while he's reaching for her hand for his turn to look at the microscope.

Did Bella Thorne and Garrett backstrom break up?

Garrett slap Bella and said I am going to break up with you.