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on her right

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In the book "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer, Bella wears her St. Jude's bracelet on her right hand.

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Q: What hand does Bella have her St Jude's bracelet on in Twilight?
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What does Bella wear on her hand in New Moon?

she wears two rings because she gets the bracelet in Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

What did Bella say when she was dying in the movie Twilight?

My hand, it's burning!

In the movie twilight did James break Bella leg with his hand or foot at the ballet studio?

With his hand.

How does Bella Swan gouge her hand in The Twilight Saga?

she gets glass inside her palm .

What does the apple in the hand mean in twilight?

When Bella drops her apple at school he catches it and that's what it is of

What book in The Twilight Saga did Bella hurt her hand?

Eclipse, the third one, when she punshes Jacob

How many bracelets does Bella Swan wear?

Two, one from Edward on her left hand, one from Jacob on her right

Where is Bella and edward fist kiss in twilight?

Their first kiss was in Bella's bed before they slept together. I mean before Bella slept lying near Edward while she was holding his hand.

What song is playing when Bella is imagining herself with edward?

If you are talking about the end of twilight, when edward is sucking the venom out of Bella's hand, the song playing is called, Let Me Sign, by Rob Pattinson.

Does Esme Cullen have a Cullen family crest?

Yes, Esme Cullen is a member of the Cullen family in the Twilight series, and the family has a crest that represents their unity and identity. The crest is often depicted as a lion and a hand holding a heart.

What hand to wear jade bracelet?

Jade bracelet should be worn on the left hand :)

In what chapter of Twilight did Bella punch Jacob?

umm. i dont remember exactly what chapter it was but if this helps it was when Jacob kissed Bella when she didn't want him to kiss her so she punched him in the face and broke her hand doing it