What book is used by Baha'i?

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Q: What book is used by Baha'i?
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What is the holy book of Bahai?

The me no know book

What rock type is used to build bahai temple?


What kind of code does bahai faith use?

The Bahai Faith does not use any code in its scriptures, which everyone is encouraged to read for themselves. See the Bahai Reference Library for a good selection of Bahai scriptures, all for free. The Bahai community today also does not use codes, secret handshakes, etc..

What does a yellow feather symbolize in the Bahai Faith?

This is not a commonly used symbol in the Bahá'í Faith.

Is bahai monotheistic?


What do bahai faith people wear?

According to the Most Holy Book, there are no restrictions to what you can wear, as long as you don't make a fool of yourself.

What has the author Kathryn Jewett Hogenson written?

Kathryn Jewett Hogenson has written: 'Lighting the Western sky' -- subject(s): History, Bahai Faith, Bahai pilgrims and pilgrimages 'Lighting the Western sky' -- subject(s): History, Bahai Faith, Bahai pilgrims and pilgrimages

What is a baha'i church called?

A Bahai place of worship is called: 1) a Bahai house of worship, 2) a Bahai temple or 3) a Mashriqu'l-adhkar These are three different names for the same thing.

Why do people get killed when trying to get out of the Bahai religion?

because the bahai religion is afraid that there are secrets that getting told to the outsideworld

What language was the most holy book of Bahai written in?

Part of the Bahá'í holy writings were written in Arabic, part in Persian. The Most Holy Book, however, was written in Arabic.

What does Bahai mean in Hindi?


How many bahai worldwide?

About 5,000,000.

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