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The Bible doesn't talk about talks about spirits.

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Q: What book of the Bible does it talk about souls?
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What book in the bible does it talk about the first purchase fo land in the bible?


Why was the bible written as a book of life rather thean a book of theology?

the bible was written as the book of life because when your going through struggles pain you can talk to god or read the bible and you will be able to get threw it.

What scriptures in the bible speak or talk about spiritual weapons?

the book of ephisians

Is there a list of people that gave their souls?

Gave theirs souls to what? God, maybe meaning receiving Christ as their Saviour? Then yes, there is, it is called the Lambs Book of Life....In the bible it states that if you are not in the Lambs Book of Life than you will be cast in the lake of fire for eternity.

What book of the Bible will you find the souls of the just are in the hands of God?

The Book of Wisdom, Chapter 3, verses 1-6. That is a revised version of the bible, it can't be found in a direct translation, such as NIV or KJV.

What is the name of a book that talks about the miracles in the bible?

The four Gospels Matthew, Luke, Mark and John talk about the miracles in the Bible.

How do you treat Bible books?

You need to treat a Bible Book with care. The Bible is God's Word, so we should all treat Bible's and books that talk about the Bible and Christianity with care.

Where in the bible does Jesus Talk about the beatitudes?

In the book of Matthew, chapter 5, verses 1-12

Do mosquitoes have souls?

As far as I know , no mosqutos have souls. According to the Bible humans are the only creatures with a soul.

Where in the bible does it talk about fingers?

The word finger in the bible can be found in the book of Genesis in the old Testament. It talks about a man who had six fingers on each hand.

What is the newest Vampire Diaries book?

The current book is 'Shadow Souls' (Book 6)

When will the vault of souls be an AR book?

It is not likely to become an AR book. However some schools allow teachers to write tests for books. This allows students with more unusual reading choices to read a book they like. Talk to your teacher and see if your teacher will do this for you.