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It's possible you could mean Trade Paperbacks. Sometimes they print popular issues or collections of issues in bound book form. Some people mistake these for a different type of book, but they are basically the same. Also, Manga is a well known Japanese version of the comic book in which the story goes from the back of the book to the front, and moves down the page and then over. Also there are stories written in book form about comic book characters. I mean, there are full length stories with no pictures that are about comic book characters. You may also be referring to graphic novels.

Graphic novels are also another example of sequential art wherein the comic book is expressed e.g. The Watchmen / V For Vendetta

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Are comic nonfiction?

They can be, but they can be anything, like any book. Fiction or non-fiction. Such as: "Spider-man" or "Superman" is a fictional comic, However books like "Maas" and "Blankets" are true autobiographical stories in comic book form. Comic books are simply another media like books.

What is like a comic book but shorter?

comic strip

Anyone know of a like Clint eastwood comic book not with Clint in it just like the same genre of gran torino or dirty harry?

I think the only Clint Eastwood-like comic books are the Man With No Name and Good Bad Ugly books from Dynamite.

Is goosebumps masked mutant really a comic book?

Its somewhat like a comic book.

What are the comic book heroes?

Comic Book Hero's are just hero's or heroine's in a comic who do a protagonist like thing or do a good deed for another character in the comic. :)

Is babymouse a good book?

It depends on your taste of books. Babymouse is a graphic novel, which means it is sort of like a comic book. The book is humorous and will entertain a child in elementary/middle school.

Does Nick like to read Comic books?

Of Course!

What should you do you dont have a local comic book store and your parents dont like buying comics online and you love comics anyone got some tips what i can do?

Until you can persuade your parents to help you read comic books you can read from a wide selection of different comic books at the link below .

What book series does the TV series Merlin come from?

None, however some of the episodes are put into small, comic strip like books.

How much for a superman 1993 and 1994 comic book worth?

We really need the issue numbers and the condition of the books . ok the books are like new the still have the original plastic covers on them

Do guys like girls that like comic books and Star Wars?

If you're a girl - and you like comic books and Star wars - and you can't find a guy who grooves on that - you aren't trying very hard!

Why is pop art still popular?

because it is used in comic books by comic artists like Marvel.

Why do people like comic books?

Because people like story and like pictures

Are books written in third person worse than books written in first person?

Its hard to say, as it is an opinion, Most people prefer books not for what Point of View they are written in, but what they are about, if you like the Category of the Book, try reading the back of the book, or the first chapter, to see if you like it. not whether its 1st or 3rd P.O.V.

Do you like the Teen Titans better as a comic book or cartoon?

The comic books, because I never like cartoons with animation and drawings that look "fake". Conversely, I never liked the Teen Titans in comic form, but rather enjoyed the cartoon. The comic book tried a little too hard to be "edgy" and "relevant", while the cartoon was just goofy and fun. (Also, cartoon Starfire was a lot cuter than the implanterrific comic version.)

What language was the book of Matthew written in?

Matthew was written in Greek, just like all of the books of the New Testament.

Why do people like reading comic strips or comic book then a novel?

because novels don't have to much picture's than a comic strip or comic book and a novel doesn't have alot of action

What element on the periodic table sounds like it should be in a comic book?

Krypton is one element on the periodic table that sounds like it should be in a comic book.

Is wings by aprilynne pike a good book?

Well different people like different styles of books. I think the book is really good, gripping and well written; it depends what sort of books you like.

How many books has Pseudonymous Bosch written?

He has written 3 books as of 2009. He is currently writing a fourth book called This isn't what it looks like. I hope you benefited from my answer.

What was the price of a comic book in 1990?

i have the 1st edition of superboy comic book. 1990 would like to know the value of the book. its in a very good condition

What does it mean when a comic book is graded?

Comic book grading is giving a value to the condition of the comic book. Comics Guaranty Company or CGC is a company that will grade and seal a comic for a fee. Getting a comic graded allows the collector to better interpret the value of the comic if they would like to sell it or even get it insured.

How can you make a comic book like Captain Underpants?

I get a paper and pencil and fold it and everything. I`m not sure how you actually make a comic book.

Are comic books good for you?

It depends on what you think. If you like comic books, then I am pretty sure that there is no harm in reading them. You should read comic books in your free time, or before bedtime. But please read and encourage others to read books appropriate to their age. Some comics have romantic sense of humor, while others have a violent touch. Reading comic books like a very popular series"Garfield", is not harmful to children, I am prerrt sure about that. :) Hope that helped!

In what stores can you buy the Sonic The Hedgehog Archie Comics?

Barnes and Nobel sells them for about $8 a book... its in the kids section near the back where you'll find books like Baby Mouse(the comic book)

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