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What books has Nigel Hinton written?

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H e has written..

  • Buddy
  • The Finders
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No, SE Hinton is not related to Nigel Hinton.

Nigel Guy Coleman has written: 'The rare books of Mount Saint Bernard Abbey'

the outsiders and that was then, this is now.

About 9 maybe a few more :)

He's still alive and kicking and writing!

S.E. Hinton has a hobby and her hobby is writing books. She has written and published about 10 books.

Well there is 56 Croxley Street but I have forgotten where it is set!!

Michael Hinton has written: 'Comprehensive schools'

S.E. Hinton wrote books in college while studying to be a teacher. She had several award winning books such as, The Outsiders.

S.E Hinton Started Writing books when she was 16 years old

Hinton never had books about teenagers, when she was growing up.

The primary occupation for S.E. Hinton is being a writer. She is most famous for her book The Outsiders, and has also written several other books.

Percy Hinton has written: 'Songs and rhymes by one who was there'

Nigel Sligh has written: 'Copperbelt'

Nigel Cutland has written: 'Computability'

Nigel Jarrett has written: 'Funderland'

Nigel Waldo has written: 'Wallflowers'

Nigel Knight has written: 'Churchill'

Nigel Meade has written: 'Forecasting'

Jeanne Hinton has written: 'Seasons of Prayer' 'Everyday Spirituality'

B. L. Hinton has written: 'Groups and organizations'

Susan Eloise Hinton has written: 'Les outsiders'

answer to s.ehinton questionSome of the known books that S.E. Hinton wrote were... The OutsidersThat was then, this is nowRumble FishTexTaming the Star RunnerHawkes HarborSome of Tim's Storiesbig david little david

Nigel Brent has written: 'Blood in the bank'

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