What brachiosaurus looks like?

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Imagine your classical sauropod (like the Sinclair dinosaur, or the one Fred Flintstone uses for a power shovel): elephantine body, long tail, long neck. Now stretch the front legs by half again so in profile it looks like a ski jump from head to tail.

Those extra-tall forelimbs give it its name: "arm lizard."

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Q: What brachiosaurus looks like?
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Was brachiosaurus more famous than diplodocus?

Personally, I don't think dinosaurs are 'famous'. But my brother is a paleontologist and he claims that the brachiosaurus is supposedly more famous than the diplodocus because a brachiosaurus looks like what everyone thinks a typical dinosaur looks like.

What does AbaRed Blue Yellow Black and Killer look like in their dinosaur forms in Abaranger?

AbaRed's dinosaur form looks like a red tyrannosaurus. AbaBlue's dinosaur form looks like a blue triceratops. AbaYellow's dinosaur form looks like a yellow pteranodon. AbaBlack's dinosaur form looks like a black brachiosaurus. AbaKiller's dinosaur form looks like a white tupuxuara.

Was brachiosaurus warm blooded?

In early research show that sauropods suggest brachiosaurus are gigantothermic in recent research shows that sauropods like brachiosaurus are warm blooded

What does the word Brachiosaurus mean?

Arm(like) lizard.

How do brachiosaurus hunt?

Brachiosaurus was a herbivore.

What are the brachiosaurus ancestors?

what were the brachiosaurus ancestors

What Species of Sauropod Dinosaur would Tropius be from Pokemon?

brachiosaurus would be a match it sounds like branch and it back doesn't curve to much just like a brachiosaurus

What does a brachiosaurus footprint look like?

The Brachiosaurus footprint is relatively small for a dinosaur. Looking more like a giraffe than a dinosaur, specimens have been found in North America.

Are Apatosaurus brachiosaurus and dipodocus all sauropods?

Yes just different groups like the Brachiosaurs and that's not Brachiosaurus it's the name of it's group.

What did a brachiosaurus eat?

A brachiosaurus eat plant, such as, leaves.

Where do brachiosaurus's live?

Brachiosaurus have homes in Africa, and Europe

Was the brachiosaurus fast?

Say the truth I think brachiosaurus is not fast.

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