What brand of clothes do tom kaulitz wear?

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Kani, he's endorsed by them and it's one of his favorite designers. A lot of the t-shirts he wears on pics is by him.

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What brand of clothes does Brandon Boyd wear?

i believe i no Brandon Charles Boyd wears GAP clothing now but used to wear ATARI plus converse in the earlier days he used to wear some Adidas and DC shoes

What brand of clothes does oliver oken wear?

Answer . I think Oliver's Solid polos are aeropostale. which are cheap and nice....i alos saw one polo he was wearing was volcom, so im guessing he wears volcom and like billabong and other surf styles of clothes .

What brand of clothes does Avenged Sevenfold wear?

Synyster gates and Zacky Vengence have their own clothing brands and individual items made for them. Syn's is called "Syn Gates Clothing" and Zacky's is "Vengence University". Johnny Christ, M Shaddows and the Rev wear just about anyything like every other human being on the planet. They are all als ( Full Answer )

What brand of clothing does Avenged Sevenfold wear?

I'm pretty sure they wear Synyster Gates clothing and Vengeance University. M. Shadows wears a lot of band t-shirts, e.g: Iron Maiden. I've seen Johnny wearin an Ed Hardy t-shirt. Apart from these, I'm not to sure.

Does the wearing of a clothing or accessory brand by Michael Jordan imply that the brand is of higher quality?

Sometimes. As a professional athlete, Michael Jordan requires and can afford the best equipment to help him play sports. He is likely to purchase products from companies with high-end research and development. However, many of these products are custom-made for him and not available to the genera ( Full Answer )

What clothing brand does Zac Efron wear?

He wears alot of brands like modern amusement, also been sited in urban outfitters and nike. He has also been seen sporting a boutique California surf brand called Wellen Surf, as seen in this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtNAqWXSUEk

What brand of clothes does Will Smith wear?

Will Smith likes to wear clothing made by Ezekiel. He buys manyclothing items from there including shirts, pants, hats, jackets,and joggers.

Who is Tom Kaulitz?

Tom Kaulitz was born on September 1, 1989 in Leipzig, Germany. He was born ten minutes before his identical twin brother, Bill. As of September 2007, Tom was using Gibson guitars. He has stated his musical influences to be Aerosmith and German hip-hop such as Samy Deluxe . Oh and one last detai ( Full Answer )

What brand of clothing do the Jonas brothers wear?

I've seen some of their clothes @ Urban Outfitters and they wear LaCoste, well Joe does a lot Nick's favorite shirt is a vintage Elvis Costello shirt. Kevin's favorite brand of jeans is Iron Army. Joe loves Ray Ban sunglasses. This is from the Jbs are selfs we all also enjoy smet and ed hardy cloth ( Full Answer )

Is Tom Kaulitz a player?

Tom always say he's a player but it's mostly talk. He's quite shy. And he hasn't had a lot of one night stands. He said as a joke he had 25 at the age of 15-16 but that has been denied since then. Yes, Tom is a player, according to some people, because he has a lot of one night stands.

Did Tom Kaulitz ever have a girlfriend?

The ones we know about was 2 years, 2 months and 3 months. . tom prefers one night stands.... he has said that when he has had a gf it didn't last long because things always get so complicated....

Are Bill and Tom Kaulitz gay?

No, they are both straight. Tom is in fact a bit of a womanizer. While Bill has often been described as gay, he is straight and very romantic.

Is Tom Kaulitz dating anyone?

hmmm... that's a hard one since we don't no his private life, but there is a rumor going arround that he is dating chantelle (spelling) but again, we don't no for sure.. sorry :( No, right now he isn't dating anyone. Not really. And don't believe all that hype about him being with all the women. ( Full Answer )

What clothes did Tom Sawyer wear?

Tom wore his starches while livning with the widow and while conning the Wilkes. However, he prefered to wear his "rags" which were most likely his ragged and worn out "street clothes". Furthermore, while on the raft it is stated that he and Jim prefered to be naked and would frequenlty go swimming ( Full Answer )

What brand of clothing does Lil Wayne wear?

Lil Wayne's style has changed from typical street rapper style to trendsetting rockstar look. He mixes skatebrands with high-end-fashion. Including but not limited to: Polo Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Converse, LRG, Nike, Adidas Originals, A Bathing Ape, Diamond Co. Supply, DC ( Full Answer )

Does Tom Kaulitz ever wear eyeliner or makeup?

Yes, but not the way bill does. He wears some natural looking makeup to look better on stage and for the camera as all male celebrities do.\n. \nIt probably consists of:\nFoundation\nBrown Mascara \nConcealer\nLip Balm\nCream blush\nBrow pencil\n. \n. \nFor stage eyeliner and more browpencil mig ( Full Answer )

What brand of clothing do the Cullen's wear in twilight?

\nNo specific brands are mentioned in the book. Stephanie Meyer has not specified the brands on her website. A variety of brands were used for the movie. Also, it would most likely be more than one brand because they are different genders, have different tastes, and some (Emmet and Jasper) probably ( Full Answer )

How do you get tom kaulitz?

You Got To Meet Him First , Then You Ask Him Out , And If He Does Not Respond Take Him To Your Bed Room , And Then He Will Say Yes! Works Every Time -As of recently, Tom has admitted that he would like to settle down with the right women... Though he still enjoys the hotel fun he does want that ( Full Answer )

Do bill kaulitz and tom kaulitz have a pet?

It varies throughout time, depending on which pets are dead. Bill likes dogs. Bill's pets are:A black labrador named Scotty that he got from a shelter a few years ago, and reportedly a cat named Casimir. Bill's more previous pet was a mouse. When that died, Bill wrote his first song. For the mo ( Full Answer )

What brand of clothes does Edward Cullen wear?

In the book, Stephenie Meyer says he and his family wear designer clothing (Alice, Edward's sister, loves shopping, giving make-overs, and buying clothes for the rest of her family).. In the movies, Esme wears a Lacoste white coat in the baseball scene, and Edward was wearing Ralph Lauren in the mo ( Full Answer )

What brand of clothes did Robert Pattinson wear in twilight?

in the car scene were he comes in and saves Bella he wore a grey coat that was made for him by the costume director. They made it because the thought it would give him a more Edward look. and in another scene he wears a t-shirt of his own.

What clothing brands does Linkin Park wear?

Well,I have seen Chester wear some Lucky 13 clothes before, and some of them also wear DC, because Mike Shinoda, the rapper of the group, once realeased a set of shoes with them once. Chester sometimes waers the brand G Star Raw, Club Tattoo and Whiteboy. Phoenix the bass player of the band can be ( Full Answer )

What does Tom Kaulitz wear under his hats?

A do-rag , also spelled doo-rag, du-rag, durag is a piece of cloth used to cover the head. According to the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster, however, the term derives from do as in hairdo : a do-rag is often worn to protect a processed hairstyle during sleep. A popular fo ( Full Answer )

Did Tom Kaulitz have a 4chan?

No, none of them have individual sites online. They only have their official ones. Never trust things like that. They are all fake.

What brand of clothes does john Winchester wear?

Most of John Winchesters clothes are dark plain colors. On many occasions he is seen wearing a button down shirt with long sleeve henley shirt underneath. His jeans don't look to be anything special so any worn darker wash jeans will do. He, along with Dean is also always wearing boots so... Bran ( Full Answer )

Does Tom Kaulitz has AIDs?

No. But Tom and his brother have designed T-shirts that helpedraise money for AIDs prevention groups.

What clothing brands do rappers wear?

A mix of high end fashion brands (LV, Gucci, D&G etc.) with brands such as Polo, Versace, Coogi, Crooks & Castles, and then top it of with nike or adidas kicks. but it differs from rapper to rapper.

What is a good brand of clothes to wear?

i would say go with holister clothing or ambercrombie and fich. aeroposltle clothing is cheap clothing where hollister clothing is fun and colorful like beach clothing which is f course there style. this type of clothing isn't expensive either which makes it a great choice!

What clothing brands do nortenos wear?

Nortenos are a mostly(but not exclusevly) Hispanic more specifically Mexican gang that is under the Blood Alliance along with other gangs such as the Bloods Gang, Pirus, Brims, Black P. Stones, Etc. *Nortenos wear red to show their affiliation with the Blood Alliance *Nortenos don't wear a spec ( Full Answer )

What clothing brand does zak bagans wear?

I'm looking for this too. I've heard he wears some MMA shirts, they do have the same style shirts as he wears so it's a possibility. He also wears some Metal Mulisha clothing, especially caps. If you've heard about more brands he wears, please, feel free to share.

What type of name brand clothes do teens wear in america?

The brands everyone wants are hollister, Abercrombie and fitch, American eagle, and sometimes Aeropostale for middle schoolers. Those are just the main ones, im sure there are more out there. If you want to buy some of these clothes, be patient and wait for hollidays! Hollister had/has? 40% off clea ( Full Answer )