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Although we see him out in many different suits he does buy Tom Ford suits.

His suits were made by his personal designer Michael Bush.

no they wear other color suits

His suits were made especially for him by his long time designers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins.

they wear business suits.

Pentecostal women normally do not wear bathing suits; but some do.

They wear suits and clothing.

These are the suits that the astronauts wear when they travel to outer space.

It is called "bunker gear" or "turnout gear" or "structural PPE". Globe is one brand of firefighter suits

Does the rider wear this brand? Have you heard of the brand before? Have you seen it on the skateboard or being used aside from just a sticker? Most athletes that are sponsored wear the brand to show the support for the company they are representing.

Deep sea divers wear special suits to keep their body from getting too cold. They also wear these suits to keep from being crushed under the pressure.

Agent Gibbs does not wear one specific brand of shoes on NCIS. He wears a variety of different shoes on the show, depending upon the scene that he is in.

Suits, for the boys and business suits for the girls.

because its just how it is and they wear black suits. because its just how it is and they wear black suits.

Why do surfers in California wear wet suits most of the year?

It is usually best if lawyers wear suits, including a tie for men. They should dress well to show respect for the court and the judge.

Sikhs wear bright colourful suits

they wear nice suits or dirty rags

In space people have to wear space suits

Men usally wear suits

Lawyers wear business suits.

John Gotti wore Brioni suits.

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