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If you need replacement cartridges to give you the best result, it's imperative to purchase the same brand, which is Sharp. They could be bought online and offline from many electronic stores.

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2014-11-17 00:00:20
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Q: What brands of printers will Sharp toner cartridges fit?
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What are some examples of printers that use MICR toner cartridges?

MICR toner cartridges can be used in Canon, Dell and Hewlett-Packard printers. Lexmark, Samsung and Xerox are also printers that can use MICR toner cartridges.

Do any printers not need cartridges?

Unfortunately, all printers will need printer cartridges or toner.

What can one purchase on Clickinks?

The website, Clickinks, sells computer printer ink and toner cartridges. It provides ink and toner for printers of all brands, including HP and Epson.

Which toner cartridges are compatible with the Epson A2 printers?

There are a number of compatible toner cartridges with Epson A2 printers. These include the original C13S050229 and the regenerated RG-EPS-C13S050229.

Which HP printers use C9730a toner cartridges?

The C9730a toner cartridges are only compatible with HP printers. However, they are not compatible with all HP printers. They are only compatible with HP Color LaserJet 5500 & 5550 series printers.

Are Samsung toner cartridges specifically designed to use with Samsung printers?

Samsung toner cartridges are designed by the same company that makes the Samsung printers. Therefore, the two are designed to work together. One could also use generic toner cartridges, but the results may not be as good.

Where can I buy order toner cartridges for my laser printer?

Toner cartridges for laser printers can be found at many retail outlets, both in store and online. is a reliable place to purchase laser printer toner cartridges.

Printer type for ink jet and laser printers?

That is the printer type. Ink jet printers take ink cartridges and laser printers take laser toner cartridges.

Laser printers use this instead of ink?

Laser printers use toner cartridges rather than ink.

What is a laser printer's toner cartridge?

Laser printer use toners to print documents. Toners are powder-like substance that is housed on toner cartridges.Toner cartridges are to laser printers while ink cartridges are to inkjet printers.

What is the Advantages of Toner Cartridges?

There are Advantages of Toner Cartridges some point are given below - 1)We get Faster Printing Experience By Toner we can get Sharp Picture 3)Toner cartridge is last longer Toner is Good for Environment.

What are some ways for recycling toner cartridges that are made for printers?

You can donated the cartridges as charity. The are many organizations that accept these cartridges, and you can send them throught the mail.

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