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The Irish gave America that famous dish of hash browns.

The places that sold them were known as hash houses.

The hash is a mixture of corned beef and potatoes,

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Q: What breakfast did the Irish bring to America?
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What breakfast item did the Irish bring to America?

they brought eggs and bacon with some hash browns

What breakfast food did the Irish bring to america?

Hash browns are the breakfast food that Ireland brought to America. Hash browns are popularly known in Ireland and they name the places that make hash brown as â??hash housesâ??.

The Irish brought what breakfast food to America?

pork bacon?

What did the Irish bring to the US?

The Irish brought Hallowee and Hashbrown'sto America

What did the Irish bring to America?

sweddish fish

What did Irish immigrants bring food to America?

They brought potatoes and irish chedder

What food did Irish immigrants bring to America?


When did the Irish bring Halloween to America?

Mis 1800s ( approx 1845)

What is the quantity of caffeine in Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea?

I'm not sure about the twinings brand, but Irish breakfast is a strong tea, there's more info on Irish breakfast tea at

What food did the Irish bring to America?

The Irish brought a some good food with them to America. One of the most known foods was the corned beef and cabbage dish.

What would an Irish immigrant bring to America?

During the early years of Irish immigration they would bring nothing except maybe and address of relatives and a need for employment.

What type of music did Irish immigrants bring to America?

Jig's/ Reels / traditional tap.

What is the difference between Irish Breakfast and English Breakfast teas?

Irish Breakfast tees are usually sweeter and have more carbohydrates. English breakfast tea is more bland tasting and does not have additional sugar added.

What sports did the Irish bring to America?

Hurling is the most identifiable Irish sport that has translated to America, but the Irish also have their own individual takes on many international sports. Golf, hill walking, rugby, and cycling as well as soccer all carry an Irish flare.

What did Irish immigrants bring to America?

Nothing, they migrated to Canada because of the potato famine, and they had no belongings.

Did the Irish bring waffles to America?

No; waffles first appeared in America when brought by the dutch who formed early settlements in the Delaware area.

How do you say you eat breakfast in Irish?

Itheann tú do bhricfeasta (You eat your breakfast). Pronunciation at

How many Irish came to America?

There were 18,000 Irish immigrants that came to America.

How did the Irish immagrants get to America?

The Irish got to America by a boat. It was then that they made history.

When was Irish America magazine created?

Irish America magazine was created in 1985.

What breakfast food ends with l?

Irish soda bread

What did Saint Patrick bring to the Irish?

Patrick brought Christianity to the Irish.

Where did the Irish settle when they came to America and why?

the Irish settled on the east coast when they came to America.

What time is breakfast served in South America?

In South America breakfast is served around 7 till 8 a.m

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Indian gooseberry Irish soda bread