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Chinese Chow Chow's and Shar Pei's are the only Kennel Club recognised breeds that have black (or blue) tongues.

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2011-06-28 17:01:29
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Q: What breed of dog has different color tongue?
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What breed of dog has long tongue?


What breed of dog has a black tongue and is dumb?

There is no such thing.

What is the only dog breed that has a black tongue?


What animals have a blue tongue?

Chow chows (dog breed).

Why is your dogs tongue purple?

The Chow-Chow is the only dog breed to have the purple tongue. A mixed breed dog may have some Chow-Chow somewhere in the lineage and have a purple tongue or just some purple spots.

What color is Israel dog?

If you mean the Canaan Dog, they can be any color including having spots and patches of different colors. Google Canaan Dog, they're an interesting breed.

What breed of dog is the fat one?

i think your on about an English bull dog or a shiba inu. is it brown and white? or a different color?

What breed of dog has a spotted tongue?

there are 38 different breeds of dogs that have spotted tongues and any bread could have discoloring in the pigment of the tongue to make it appear spotted.. or even a birth mark on there tongue too. what breeds?

Do different dog breeds get along?

Well it depends on the dogs personality. But yes any dog breed will get along together! Dog do not care about color or size!

What breed of dog has a blue tongue?

The Chow Chow and the Chinese Shar Pei.

What is a brindle dog?

A brindle dog isn't a breed it's more the color of the dogs coat. A brindle coat has three or more different tan colors.

Is a chow dog tongue purple?

yes, however it is mixed together with black. so whenever you see a dog that is not a chow chow, yet has a purple/black tongue, then that dog is probably a mixed breed.

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